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#MakeItFeelRight Movement to Combat Carbon Emissions from Fashion Industry

15 December 2021: According to the UN, the fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emissions. Fast fashion has only exacerbated the problem as consumers are increasingly purchasing clothes with reduced shelf lives. The world is striving to achieve net zero carbon, but the reality is that fashion brands simply aren’t doing enough. In response to growing climate concerns, TENCEL™ brand revitalized the #MakeItFeelRight campaign to raise awareness and inspire action to make a change. By pledging to #MakeItFeelRight, consumers can do their part to drive the industry toward a more sustainable future and contribute to the reforestation effort.

TENCEL™ brand’s game changing #MakeItFeelRight campaign has hit new milestones and celebrates exciting partnerships with more influencers, brands and NGOs around the world. With the help of sustainable influencers like Xenia Adonts, Lily Cole, Chen Ai Ling and brands including Boyish, Reformation and Lavender Hill, the movement has planted thousands of trees to combat carbon emissions from the fashion industry. The TENCEL™ brand has also begun an exciting partnership with renowned artist, Bodil Jane to create unique artwork for the campaign.

TENCEL™ brand has created fun ways to get involved with an exclusive Instagram filter and gift card giveaways from the movement’s brand partners. The movement has already given away thousands of dollars to lucky people who have pledged.

“We could not be happier to endorse such an exciting, timely and effective movement. As an environmentally friendly brand, Boyish has been working with TENCEL™ for several years and values the brand’s similar principles and stalwart approach to sustainability. The industry has a long way to go in combatting waste and fast fashion, but with movements like #MakeItFeelRight, people are finally empowered to take action and choose brands that are caring for the planet,” said Jordan Nordarse, Founder and CEO of Boyish

The movement has already planted more than 7,500 trees, however, it’s not too late to still pledge. Together with One Tree Planted, TENCEL™ is providing a pledge certificate to everyone who commits to the cause and will plant a tree in their name.

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