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Makroser Tekstil’s Carpet Production Soars with a Mimaki TS300P-1800 Sublimation Printer

12 September 2022: Turkish company, Makroser Tekstil specialises in manufacturing digitally printed carpets and over the years has become one of the leading suppliers in the sector. Utilising Mimaki’s high-performance TS300P-1800 sublimation transfer printer since 2020, the company has optimised their production potential to meet increasing customer expectations in this growing digital textile carpet market.

Makroser Tekstil has become one of the leading brands in the carpet market with its expanding digital product range and increasing production capacity. Established in Istanbul at the end of 2016, Makroser Tekstil serves as a raw material supplier in the supply chain, a manufacturer of carpets and home textiles and carries out studies for the development of the digital printed carpet industry. The company invested in a Mimaki TS300P-1800 sublimation transfer printer in August 2020 and with it gained a significant competitive advantage in the digital printed carpet business.

Acting as both a seller and a supplier, Makroser Tekstil has an approximate monthly output of 150,000 square meters of final product and sells about 70-80,000 square meters of intermediate goods per month. “Our market has four main pillars, including chain market groups, export, e-commerce and our own retail network. We have gained serious momentum in the sales of our final products in recent years, and we attach great importance to our sales and marketing processes, in addition to production, so to increase our profitability. We are currently exporting 35-40% of our production, and our branding and e-commerce activities show that we are making significant improvements,” said Güldeste.

Talha Güldeste’s area of expertise is in digitally printed carpets, a market that he has seen remarkable growth in over recent years. Observing the wider industry, Güldeste said; “Digitally printed carpets have succeeded in getting ahead of woven carpets with their ease of use, low cost, and plenty of colour and pattern options. The consumption habits of our society have changed. Previous generations used to buy thick woven carpets and use them for 20-30 years, as an insulating material in homes. However, due to the widespread urbanization and natural gas infrastructure, the need for carpets to insulate the home has disappeared. We are now in a period of faster consumption, and low prices have increased the interest in these products, alongside them being much easier to maintain. The carpet now stands as a decorative element in homes and living spaces, to be changed seasonally or to match with the interior design.”

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