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Marabu’s New TampaGlass TPGL 170 Opaque White

12 April 2021: New TampaGlass TPGL Opaque White 170 features everything you could wish for when it comes to Opaque White: Outstanding opacity, more bluish than yellowish, and equipped with all the benefits of this versatile ink system. Excellent ink flow, easy processing, highly resistant and universal use for pad AND screen printing!

Being a most versatile and yet stylish material, glass keeps becoming more and more popular in all areas of everyday life. If, however, curved surfaces are to be decorated, pad printing plays to its strengths and Marabu’s multitalented, reliable ink system Tampa® Glass TPGL is the perfect counterpart.

Based on state-of-the-art resources and designed for pad printing, Tampa® Glass TPGL excels in the decoration of 3-D objects. It is easy-to-use, highly resistant – and last not least, its brilliant colours will captivate you.

# Glass
# Ceramics
# Metals (incl. thinly anodised aluminium)
# Chrome-plated parts
# Varnished surfaces
# Thermosetting plastics

# Outstanding ink flow, easy-to-use
# Very user-friendly
# For ultimate process safety
# Very good adhesion, high mechanical and chemical resistance
# Quick drying properties
# Allows fast printing speeds for highest efficiency
# Many applications can be covered with just one
# Reduces stock-keeping effort and costs
# Brilliant, glossy colour shades, Excellent appearance

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