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Mehta’s Launch of High Speed Laser Engraver called ‘ERICA’

20 June 2021: Mehta Cad Cam (P) Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of high speed laser engraver called ‘ERICA’ which are not just popular in India but in many parts of the world.

All ERICA laser engravers are equipped with Co2 metal laser tube from Synrad USA. Mehta Cad Cam is the authorized distributors of Synrad metal laser tube for India and neighboring countries. They have established repairing and refilling plant of Synrad metal laser tube in Ahmedabad unit which will start immediately once corona issue settled.

With this facility Mehta’s team will be able to give very quick service support on laser tube under and out of warranty period of machine. And the cost of repairing and refilling will be reduced substantially.

They claim that ERICA is the most stable trouble-free, maintenance free machine, mainly because of Japanese AC Servo motor, and unique design of X-Y rails having a metal roller which has a very long life and no possibility of wearing out for few years.

ERICA machine is available in three different sizes:
# ERICA 30: 18 inch x 29 inch
# ERICA 32: 36 inch x 24 inch
# ERICA 43: 48 inch x 36 inch

ERICA laser engraver is highly recommended for paper cutting and engraving for wedding card manufacturer, engraving on materials like acrylic, wood, paper board, leather, plastics, fabrics, etc. ERICA laser engravers are recommended for trophies, mementos, gift articles industries, label industries, etc.

Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Ltd. Is 30 years old company and pioneer in CO2 Laser, Fiber Laser, CNC Router & Digital Printing Technology. We are distributing our machines not just only in India but across the globe.

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