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Mimaki Presents Clear Benefits of New Transparent Material and End-to-End Full-Colour 3D Printing at Formnext 2022

25 November 2022: Mimaki Europe, the leading manufacturer of inkjet printing, cutting and 3D printing technologies demonstrated its latest solutions at Formnext 2022 (15-18 November, Frankfurt, Germany), designed to break new ground for full-colour 3D model makers.

Mimaki (Hall 12.1, stand F59) – trail blazers for 3D printing in exceptionally accurate, high-quality colour presented its newest innovation, Pure Clear ink MH-110PCL. The clear 3D printing material delivers improved transparency and negates any yellow tint, allowing artists, product designers, architects, and medical professionals to 3D print accurate models with transparent features.

MH-110PCL clear material is intended for use with Mimaki’s flagship UV curable, full colour 3D printer, the 3DUJ-553. When mixing MH-110PCL with any one of the Mimaki 3DUJ-553’s over 10 million colours, 3D model makers can also create translucent-colour materials. This expanded creative possibility for designers or increased true-to-life accuracy for the medical and architectural industries, is what Mimaki aims for when developing its 3D solutions.

Mimaki’s latest 3D printing system, the Mimaki 3DUJ-2207, also printed live on the stand and powered by Mimaki’s 3D Print prep Pro cloud-based software, designed to streamline and optimise 3D model production with increased automation. Intended to simplify the 3D printing process, the software platform helps user prepare and finalise their 3D files before printing.

Having lived through the Tohoku Tsunami in 2011 which caused the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Kobayashi knows all too well how fragile our lives and circumstances are, how we can take simple joys for granted and how important it is that we build a better future. He believes that while technology can often be seen as the enemy in the pursuit of this goal, it can in fact be a tool that is used to change our thinking and create new, positive outcomes that make the world a better place. It is this theory that he aims to illustrate in his artwork.

By taking inspiration from the ancient Jomon civilisation, a time in history when the people were believed to live peacefully and spiritually, Kobayashi wants to use 3D printing to bring their thinking and his messages to the next generation. Working with Mimaki technology, Kobayashi’s latest pieces evoke feelings of the exquisite serenity of the past, whilst also conveying his activist message.

“Visitors to Formnext could have not missed Kobayashi’s important and inspiring art and see how robust, cutting-edge technology can be used to make something very delicate and beautiful. The models deliver a powerful message for the future, but also show perfectly how our solutions have been designed to put colour at the forefront, unleashing creativity and opening doors for new thinkers in various industries to produce something different, and possibly even game-changing, with full-colour 3D printing,” says Sollman.

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