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Mimaki Releases 3 L ink supply option for its Large Format Flatbed UV Inkjet Printer

13 October 2022: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Mimaki), has launched its “3-liter Ink Supply Option” to complement its Large-format Flatbed UV Inkjet Printer “JFX600-2513”. As announced by the company, global sales of this new optional item are scheduled to commence in January 2023.

According to the company, the 3-litre Ink Supply Option can increase the ink tank capacity of JFX600-2513 to a maximum of 3 litres, also allowing for the 3-litre tanks of the Option to be replenished from 1-litre ink bottles. The 3-litre ink tank capacity reduces the frequently required refilling tasks to enhance work efficiency. In addition, the Option enables ink replenishment even during printing processes, further reducing printer downtime to allow for longer operating and greatly improving productivity. Automatic white ink agitation functionality is newly added to the “3-liter Ink Supply Option”, eliminating the need for manual mixing, thus contributing to the reduction of operator workload. Weight sensors are now incorporated to detect the weight of remaining inks, enabling a more accurate determination of ink levels.

Mimaki JFX600-2513 large-format flatbed UV inkjet printer incorporates 16 print heads. It is designed for highly efficient printing and high productivity. Maximum output size of the printer is 2500mm X 1300mm X 60mm, corresponding to 4X8 plates (1,220mm x 2,440mm). The printer is used in sign graphics printing including large indoor/outdoor signboards and advertisements to architectural applications.

According to the company, the printer is capable of processing a wide variety of mediums including resin, glass, and metal, not to mention large-format signboards. The printer can accommodate medium up to 60mm in thickness for direct printing, and also features 2.5D printing (multiple applications of ink) consisting of layer upon layer UV ink print, creating a feeling of unevenness on the printed surface for use in higher value-added printing applications.

The JFX600-2513″ printers are compatible with the proprietary Mimaki “MDL command,” allowing customers to control printers from production systems or peripheral devices. The Command enables unmanned, labour-saving, automated operation of respective printing processes, such as the transport of print media (workpieces). In collaboration with the newly announced “3-liter Ink Supply Option,” the Command is designed to support extensive continuous automated printing sessions.

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