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Mimaki releases Tiger-1800B MkIII – a high-speed industrial textile printer series

12 February 2021: Mimaki has released their new Textile inkjet printers pro series with belt conveying system (Direct-to-textile / Sublimation transfer). The printer can print at a speed of 385 m²/hour. Mimaki offers two models of Tiger-1800B MkIII, viz, Direct-to-Textile printer with 16 print heads: 2 x 8, and Sublimation Transfer printer with 8 print heads: 2 x 4, both in a staggered layout, with maximum print width: 1,850 mm (72.8″).

“Tiger-1800B MkIII,” is added with Mimaki Printer Controller of new touch-screen operation software to the “Tiger-1800B MkII.” This enables enhanced stability and high accuracy of print technology which results in high-quality printing. It has long operating stability by means of 10kg ink tank for low running costs, allowing users to choose the print speed that best suits their jobs, from high speed printing focusing on productivity to high quality printing pursuing beautiful printing.

The Tiger-1800B MkIII is equipped with Mimaki Printer Controller. “Nozzle Recovery System” for continuous operation; Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4) is supported and Compatible with “TxLink4”, the advanced high-performance RIP software.

Mimaki’s Textile inkjet printers pro series also has two other models of ‘Tiger’, viz, 1800B MkII which is a 1.8m Belt-Type Inkjet Printer (both Direct-to-textile / Sublimation-transfer printers). And, Mimaki also offers “Tiger-1800B”, a Belt-Type Direct-to-Textile Inkjet Printer.

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