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Mimaki Releases “TS55-1800” – GenNext Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Printer

11 October 2022: Japan-based Mimaki has introduced “TS55-1800” – a next-generation sublimation transfer inkjet printer for textile/apparel use. The new printer can print upto 1,940 mm (76.4”). It comes with a mini jumbo roll unit (Optional) with 1,900 mm (74.8”) width.

According to the company, Mimaki TS55-1800 is the evolutional sublimation transfer inkjet printer, which achieved a high production ability with a maximum printing speed of 135 sqm/h. The printer comes with excellent functions and useful optional items ensuring long-time continuous operation, and the reduction of running cost of manufacturing. With TS55-1800 digital sublimation printer, users can print Soft Signage, Fashion Apparel, Interior fabrics, Uniforms, etc.

Akira Kawada, General Manager – CEO’s Office, IMAGE MAGIC Inc, Japan, shares his conclusive fact in introducing TS55-1800 in his company. He says, “In addition to Trust in the support system, the printer comes with 10kg ink supply unit. The massive 10-kilogram ink supply unit became the decisive factor in introducing TS55-1800. I have been requesting Mimaki to introduce this for a while now.”

He adds “Inks are really expensive when running ink-jet printers. The standard ink packages only contain 2 liters of ink, and it runs out fast in our business. We have to stop the machines when the ink runs out. Exchanging ink packs mean lost time and additional tasks for our operators. The introduction of 10kg ink supply units improved our ink running cost surprisingly.”

Akira Kawada states that the down time of the machines for ink exchange was reduced, while the efficiency of our operators increased. “We are doing all-night printing sessions now, without worrying about running out of ink. We supplement the four basic ink colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black with light cyan and light magenta, setting six colors on our printers. Orders from individual customers often include photographic data featuring people. This color combination develops the skin tone better and we often get favorable comments.”

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