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Miraai’s Inkjet Printable Banner Cloth, An Alternative to Flex

22 May 2022: With Kerala High Court banning use of flex and other non-biodegradable materials, it has become imperative that advertising industry has to move towards eco-friendly, biodegradable and or recyclable materials and banners for publicity purposes. The evolution of this industry towards eco-friendly biodegradable, recyclable media has begun.

Coimbatore based Miraai Advanced Composites (P) Ltd. has introduced SuperECO, an eco-friendly inkjet printable banner media developed specifically to address the growing ban on all plastic materials in India. These products – EcoCot and EcoHeavy are said to be PVC free, Recyclable and Biodegradable. The media is available up to 10 feet in width in both biodegradable and recyclable media. The media is compatible with the Existing Flex Printers and comes in high whiteness, delivering exceptional print quality.

EcoCot is made of 100% natural cotton with a water-based coating on one side. The heavy canvas-like texture and crease-free characteristics make it ideal for art reprographics, and theatrical and trade-show events. This natural cotton material is recyclable and bio-degradable. EcoCot is recommended for both indoor and outdoor uses. The material and the coating degrade within 45 days of disposal. This is ideal for banners that are used for the short term and cannot be collected to be recycled.

On the other hand, EcoHeavy is our strongest Eco-Friendly media available with us that can be used for long term outdoor banners. This is made of recyclable polyester and coated with Eco-Friendly Bio-degradable material. It can be sent for recycling after use. The polyester can be reclaimed and used to make other PET products, thus saving many banners from going into landfills. EcoHeavy comes in varying widths and can be used in existing inkjet printers without any modification or new investment. The speciality of the coating is that it gives a superior output and clarity to the print. The coating is a matte finish and does not have any glare when displayed in bright areas.“Established in 2020, Miraai has fabrics to cater to fashion, automobile, home furnishing, decorative and signage industries.

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