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Mondi launches HEADS UP app to promote workplace safety

06 April 2020: Mondi Corrugated, a global leader in packaging and paper, has launched a health and safety app – HEADS UP – as a new way to communicate to its colleagues on wellbeing in the workplace. The app is created to raise awareness of workplace safety rules in an accessible and entertaining way. The app is free to download for all Mondi employees and the general public.

The app incorporates the latest research on the psychology of safe behaviour into a game format to reinforce commitment to the nine safety rules across Mondi’s plants and mills. The game design takes its inspiration from corrugated boxes, the main product of Mondi Corrugated Solutions and features the company’s corporate colours and branding, making it instantly recognisable and familiar.

“In the app, we’ve deployed this effect by using gamification to connect the learning of behavioural rules with a positive experience of playing a game,” said Sabine Nellen, Safety and Health Manager, Mondi Corrugated Solutions who led the development of the app.

According to him, HEADS UP app strikes a balance between education and entertainment. The app contains nine mini-games, each of which corresponds to one of Mondi’s nine safety rules. Each safety rule is explained before the start of each game. Players can then test their ability to solve riddles, react quickly and find their way through obstacle courses, all within the theme of Mondi’s culture of safety and health.

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