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MUTOH Awarded Patent for UV Local Dimming Control Technology Redefines Print Quality and Efficiency for UV Printing

20 April 2024: MUTOH, a leader in innovative printing solutions, is thrilled to announce the patent approval for its groundbreaking UV Local Dimming Control (LDC) Technology. Integrated into MUTOH’s UV XpertJet printers, UV Local Dimming Control Technology enables precise application of CMYKW plus varnish in one pass. This cutting-edge feature is made possible by a newly developed segmented UV lamp. The UV lamp has six different sections that can be individually controlled, allowing the production of multiple varnish e?ects such as gloss, semi-gloss, and matte in the same pass. The result is a substantial increase in productivity and speed.

With this patented advancement, MUTOH reaffirms its commitment to providing innovative solutions to the print industry. Already celebrated among XpertJet printer users, UV Local Dimming Control Technology offers advantages that enhance print quality and streamline workflow. Here are some key features of UV Local Dimming Control Technology that are revolutionizing the printing industry:

1. Improved Productivity and Reduced Printing Time with CMYKW plus Varnish in a Single Pass: LDC shortens printing time and boosts productivity. Performing color and various gloss effects in a single pass reduces printing time by almost half, allowing businesses to meet deadlines without compromising quality. This advanced functionality saves time and ensures stunning, vibrant prints with a professional finish.

2. Easy Design with FlexiDesigner Mutoh Edition and Vertelith RIP Software: Designing is a breeze thanks to the included FlexiDesigner Mutoh Edition and Vertelith RIP software. These user-friendly tools empower users to create captivating designs with precision and ease.

3. User-Friendly Features in Vertelith: The Vertelith RIP software includes LDC user-friendly features that eliminate the need for complex setup in the RIP. Print environments apply the required settings seamlessly, enhancing workflow efficiency.

4. Enhanced Print Quality: Say goodbye to graininess, banding, and layer misalignment. LDC incorporates advanced technology that significantly reduces these common printing issues, ensuring crisp, flawless prints every time.

UV Local Dimming Control Technology, now patented by MUTOH, represents a powerful feature for businesses seeking to enhance productivity, explore new creative avenues, and achieve unparalleled print quality and speed.

With the MUTOH’s XpertJet 461UF, XpertJet 661UF and the XperJet 1462UF, your printing capabilities are limitless. To learn more about MUTOH’s UV Local Dimming Control Technology and its applications.

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