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Nazdar to educate industry on ‘InkAnswers’

Nazdar Ink Technologies has released a new video, explaining the benefits of its InkAnswers Q&A service. InkAnswers allows industry members to ask questions about all of their inkjet, screen and narrow web printing needs. A team of 22 ink technicians, scientists and industry consultants are available to offer advice through the new service.

Bruce Ridge, director of technical service at Nazdar, says: “This service is designed to provide technical support to busy printers and distributors that would rather email their questions from their phone or computer in order to receive a detailed response in writing, sometimes with attachments, that they can read at their convenience.” 

He adds: “Typical questions we receive are varied, wide-ranging, and span numerous print technologies. Common questions from users are for ink application recommendations, colour match formulas, and for regulatory documentation for specific inks.”

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