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Network Advertising Marks Two Decades of Success

22 February 2023: Providing Graphics Screen Printing and Design Service to a Pan-India Clientele, Nitin Warange, Proprietor, Shares Insights on how the Family Enterprise is Moving Toward the Next Phase of Growth.

My father, the late Pandurang Warange was a fine artist in Mumbai. During those days, he used to undertake a lot of film posters and other artwork, albeit with manual graphics designing. He had served for almost 50 years as a fine artist.

Established in 2001, Network Advertising offers an extensive range of self-adhesive labels, write and protect polycarbonate labels, helmet transfers, automotive decals (only OEM jobs), long outdoor life decals, dome labels, glow signs, etc, which are requisitioned by clients from all over India. Our office-cum-sample showroom is full of creative jobs supplied to big brands including MNCs, FMCGs, etc.

Our comprehensive infrastructure includes a complete advanced screen-making setup, squeegee sharpener, UV/IR curing and seven semi-automatic screen printing lines. This includes a 15 x 20 inch, 20 x 30 inch and 30 x 40 inch semi-automatic screen printers from ATMA, 40 x 50 inch Thieme and a 4 x 8 ft. Grafica screen printing machine, all housed in their 5,000 sq. ft. production facility. Network Advertising is also an ISO 9001-2015 certified (Quality Management System) company for design, manufacturing, service of the multi-colour label and signage screen printing, automotive decals and barcode printing.

We have customers who still prefer screen printed stuff as digital is costly for mass production. Since I have in-depth knowledge of colour separation and CMYK printing, we offer better-quality prints than digital ones. Moreover, when it comes to bulk production of jobs, screen printing is faster and almost four times cheaper than digital printing. We are capable of printing 4-colour jobs on any rigid substrates such as plastic, sunboard, sunpack, PP, HIPs, Tin, metal etc with accurate registration and colour matching.

I was a graphic designer in Central Bank of India where my tasks involved designing house journals. After working for eight years, I started my design studio about 20 years ago and about ten years ago I set up a screen printing unit to offer graphics screen printing service. Before that I used to work as a canvasser. In the 1990s, I was guided by Ravindra Burman who is an experienced graphic screen printer, to work on graphic designing for a leading automotive decal manufacturing company in the Mumbai region. Those days I used to hand make graphics designs, colour separation, etc. Now the time has changed to most advanced digital graphics designing and automatic colour separation technology, which has not only made pre-press work easier, hassle-free but also faster and accurate as well.

Graphic design and colour separation are important elements in graphics screen printing. Once the graphics design is ready, one has to have proficiency in colour separation and finally screen printing with perfect registration. My vast experience in graphics designing and colour separation is a big advantage to my clients as they can get perfect job execution.

Often screen printers are ignorant of the squeegee. It is not just a piece of rubber that pushes inks through the stencil. But the squeegee should be well-taken care of. It should be sharpened periodically to obtain consistent print quality. We have a squeegee sharpener to sharpen the squeegees. Other aspects which are important in graphic screen printing are proper stretching of frames, proper exposing system, high-quality positive (not tracing paper please), perfect registration setting up before final printing.

Among our memorable orders, we had designed and printed an advertising display standee for Hawkins Cookers in 2019 (1,200 pieces), which was well appreciated by the client as we screen printed the job with quality better than a digital print. The second memorable work was for Tata Sky in 2019. We designed and printed a multi-colour advertising board (2 x 4 ft) with a 70,000 pieces order.

We use both UV and solvent inks as per the job requirement. While with UV inks we can obtain sharpness in print, with solvent inks we can get depth ness in print. Of course, UV offers more print square-inch coverage. There is not much difference cost wise when we consider the overall advantages and disadvantages of both the ink systems. On our part, 70% of our jobs are printed with solvent inks due to the nature of our jobs.

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Now Nitin’s son Rushi, who is 23 years of age, has also stepped into the family printing business after completing his diploma course from Mumbai’s famous J.J. School of Arts, followed by a B.E. in printing technology from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Department of Media Technology. “I pursued a career in printing purely with my self-interest and there was no compulsion from my father. When I was studying, I used to visit our printing factory and got fascinated with the world of colorful graphics printing I got inspired to study at J.J. School of Arts and later continued my education in printing technology (BE) at Manipal Institute. And the knowledge is now very helpful to understand the real world of graphics printing and industrial screen printing. I feel every job is challenging and offers a learning experience.” Adding further, Nitin Warange’s wife Neeta is also assisting him in his family business, thus giving strong stability. “A family business progresses well when it gets the involvement from all family members, as there is a division of responsibilities,” says Neeta Warange.

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