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New business launched by SAi revolutionizes training in the sign and print industry

30 June 2021: Leading software provider, SAi has launched a new business called This business will change the way training and technical support are delivered in the sign and print industry. Combining crowd-sourcing with the latest video conferencing and e-commerce technologies, offers a new type of expert marketplace.

The marketplace system is simple. Professionals from the sign and print industry with expertise in applications, software or hardware sign up to be an Adendo Advisor. People in need of training, advice or in-depth technical support can find and hire an Advisor on the website. Advisors set their own fees on a per minute basis, sessions are timed so that clients pay only for the time they use. The platform handles scheduling, video conferencing and billing. founder and Managing Director, Mark Stevens, explained, “Today’s equipment and software systems are complex and multifaceted, making it more important than ever to be able to get training and advice, not just sometime but exactly when a question or problem arises. The marketplace platform was developed to fulfil this need.”

In addition to one-on-one training, Adendo now offers prescheduled online training classes, called vClass, conducted by leading industry experts on a wide variety of topics. Adendo’s vClasses are held on Zoom and are limited in the number of attendees. Participants can learn to master the most common software programs, hardware, and special applications that will help them expand their business, save time and money, and increase productivity.

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