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Newest SGP Resource Partner, CWSC, revolutionizes waste management

29 May 2021: The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading certification authority in sustainable printing, announced today that the Consortium for Waste to Syngas Circularity (CWSC) joined the SGP community as a Resource Partner.

SGP Resource Partners are non-profits, NGO’s and educational institutions engaged in promoting, teaching or researching in the areas of graphic arts and/or sustainability. Resource Partners are subject matter experts that assure our entire community is empowered with the acumen to advance sustainability in the printing industry supply chain.

“SGP’s focus on streamlining resource consumption during printing manufacturing to be sustainable and environmentally friendly goes hand in hand with the end of life focus CWSC to create an endless loop of circularity,” said Mike Ferrari, president, CWSC. “Each organization brings value and when combined provides a complete end to end eco-system. CWSC offers an endless loop of circularity to deal with difficult to dispose of multilayered photopolymer print plates. CPG’s, printers and suppliers should focus on participation in both organizations.”

“The engagement of CWSC with SGP is a natural fit to develop a more sustainable supply chain,” said Doreen Monteleone, SGP treasurer and Flexographic Technical Association representative. “CWSC promotes an innovative technology to treat waste and convert it to feedstock for virgin materials. The leadership teams of CWSC and SGP are excited to work together to make progress on sustainability challenges the printing industry faces.”

CWSC is active in sustainability forums and sharing its concept with industrial and regulatory bodies. In April 2021, Dr. Bruce Welt, CWSC Academic Committee and Professor of Packaging Engineering at the University of Florida, describes Plasma Assisted Gasification and Vitrification (PAG/V) as a potential solution to solve the comprehensive issue of waste circularity for the trade journal, BakingEurope: Plastics sustainability: Myths, facts and a path to a circular economy sustainability

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