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OPA Annual Meeting held at Gaj Retreat

30 April 2021: The annual Churning Meeting of Offset Printers’ Association (OPA) was held at Gaj Retreat (Located 72 kms from Ludhiana). 28 members attended this two day subsidized meeting, fifty percent cost per person was borne by the OPA. After collecting opinion of all the present, the possibilities of implementation and necessity are discussed on second day, so that OPA can serve better for the growth and development of the printing community.

Prof. Kamal Chopra appreciated the gesture of the members for participating in the Churning Meeting. He appreciated the dedication of office bearers, especially executive members for attending the core committee meeting every Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. Prof. Chopra said, printing is changing and today we have already started feeling the change. But not only the printing all industry or infrastructure is going to change. Printing and Packaging is an intermediator industry we are dependent on the other industries.

He said these are the tough days when on the one part work is slow and on the other the cost of raw material is increasing day by day, without any proper notice. We have to plan for providing solutions to the industry located near to us to be competitive and avoid the avoidable transport costs. At the one end we are noticing greater competition and on the other there is slump in the market. Definitely the production is increasing, but it is essential to know if the demand is also increasing. It is necessary to look at the present and ongoing requirements of the market, because due to transport cost it may not be possible for us to remain economic while sending the goods beyond 30 to 35 kilometres, in future.

GS further said, that another topic of concern noticed by the association is financial and family management. Both these are hot topics and serious issues, almost every one of us require the proper guidance on these subjects. It is decided to engage some experts of the subject and organize one to one meeting for the available solutions for family management and financial management.

Mandeep Singh who was attending the meeting as an observer, appreciated the ideas and concepts of OPA and said, I am a hosiery manufacturer, though I am member of many trade organizations, but such vision is missing in almost all the associations.

Concluding the two day marathon meeting, GS thanked the members for their inputs and energetic participation. He said the points raised during this meeting are well taken and we will plan the action(s) accordingly. He also highlighted that OPA is restructuring the official website of Offset Printers Association, the members will have many facilities available at the new website.

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