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Orange O Tec: Digital printing facilitates resuming activities

18 August 2020: As the world is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses are resuming activities, businesses with digital advantages on their side are finding it easier to bounce back. For example, Jay Chemical, a leading business based in Mumbai, was using conventional methods of printing for its requirements till 2017. Then, the farsighted directors decided to make a switch to digital technologies. Initially, they bought one MS JP7 digital printing machine. Finding the digital solutions highly useful in scaling up the business, the company later on also purchased two more MS JP7 machines and a Mini Lario machine.

Both the decisions proved timely for the company. In the unlock period, while other businesses were struggling to maintain their bottom lines, Jay Chemical, with its digital machines, quickly bounced back. The digital machines helped it in maintaining social distancing as digital machines require less labour. Digital printing also helped them in fast sampling and production and in this tough time, the company had not to worry about dead stock.

With all these benefits to the company, Jay Chemical has boldly gone ahead with its expansion plans and purchased an advanced MS JPK machine from Surat based Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd. Now their production capacity has reached to a milestone of 30,000 mtr/day.

Orange O Tec is a leading digital solutions provider of digital and auxiliary machinery. The company is trying its best to ensure that digital printing solutions prove to be a boon for Indian industries after this pandemic crisis is over. The company has initiated a full-fledged campaign to make the industry aware of the benefits the digital technologies offer.

Making it easier for the industry to switch to digital technology, Orange O Tec has churned out various win-win propositions. The company is offering 24 months warranty, which covers the head of the machine, which is a crucial and very expensive component. It smooth-running plays a significant role in maintaining the profitability of the business.

The head insurance offered by the company makes an advantageous proposition for the business, as in case of any problem with the head, the business need not suffer any heavy cost of replacing it. Also due to ready inventory of the machine parts the business never suffers any production loss due to loss of crucial production time.

Ayush Rathi, Director, Orange O Tec said, “The recent purchase by Jay Chemicals perfectly exemplifies how digital solutions can be beneficial to Indian industries. At a time when most of the business are struggling hard to keep themselves afloat, Jay Chemicals has not only regained its old momentum but also rapidly moving ahead as planned earlier. Digital solutions clearly give an edge to the industries.”

The industry is whole-heartedly adopting the digital solutions. What has struck the right chord, is the fact that the digital technology consumes much less resources and is not labour dependent. Digital textile printing also negates all the worries of dead stock, as one can produce precisely when one needs. Some kinds of designs are only possible in digital methods. Moreover, it gives unmatched sharpness and quality, and gives same tone every time, even after several months.

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