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Pantum expands in Indian market by launching the M7105DN Printer

20 December 2019, Zhuhai, China : Pantum has launched its M7105DN monochrome laser printer in the Indian market, expanding its offering in the country’s mid-range printer market with a cost-effective printing solution that targets the country’s medium- and large-size enterprises.

Designed to serve groups of 5-15 users, this printer is highly suited to customers who have highly monthly print volumes but prefer to streamline their printing operations to as few machines as possible, meaning that there are high requirements on the printer’s durability, connectivity, cost-effectiveness, and after-sales services. To meet these needs, the M7105DN boasts high durability, maximum capabilities, and high performance at a low cost.

With an all-metal structure that ensures stable printing, the M7105DN printer delivers impressive durability that enables it to execute a diverse range of capabilities. Its recommended monthly print load is about 1,000-10,000 pages, making it easily able to handle large print jobs and uphold the continuity and high quality of the customer’s business operations. With its low paper jam rate design, overall office operations are also easier and smoother.

The printer also delivers high performance. Powered by a 525MHz processor, the M7105DN achieves printing speeds of 33 PPM, supports automatic double-sided printing and automatic document feeder (ADF) fast scan, and can scan to PC, email, FTP, and thumb drives for convenience. Fast and efficient, the printer can be connected to networks, enabling shared printing among groups of 5-15 users. There are also features especially customized for Indian users, such as simple-step ID copying.

Moreover, the M7105DN is low-cost and energy-saving, making it an economical and eco-friendly option. Not only is the machine itself a cost-effective choice, but printing materials are as well. Its separate drum and unit design reduces waste and lowers owning and maintenance costs, while the large-capacity toner cartridge further ensures a lower cost of use. In addition to an energy-saving feature, there is also a silent mode to ensure a quieter, more peaceful working environment.

Given the growing need for cost-effective printing solutions in the Indian market, Pantum aims to offer products that balance cost-effectiveness with convenience and efficiency, to create value for enterprises.

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