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PolyPrint’s TexJet Echo2 DTG Storms the Garment Decoration Market

03 October 2022: PolyPrint’s TexJet Echo² DTG (direct to garment digital printers) is storming the garment decoration market, simpley becase the DTG offers superior results, excellent efficiency, quick ROI and easy use and maintenance features. With a print area of 41×60 cm (16.1×23.6 in), 10 quick-swap platens and the ability to use PolyPrint’s hybrid process, TexJet Echo² DTG’s advanced features deliver breathtaking DTG and DTF results and seamless production of t-shirts with custom hoodies, personalized shoes, designer creations, as stated by the company.

The company’s experts suggest that TexJet Echo can produce 50 t-shirts in 2 hours. So, by selling 25 t-shirts a day, the job workers can get back the money they spent on the TexJet® echo² within the first quarter. The ROI is calculated based on 15 darks and 35 whites with a 25×20 cm (10×8 in) design at 720×720 dpi CMYK and 1440×720 dpi WHITE (DTG Printing). Moreover, one can combinethe DTG with traditional screen printing to skip pre-treatment, reduce ink costs and add special effects.

The TexJet series DTG printers has the smallest ink drop in the industry (3pl) to achieve crisp details and guaranteed customer satisfaction. The sealed cartridges keep ink fresh and flowing smoothly, reducing clogging and quality issues. And user-refillable cartridges with bulk ink are perfect to reduce costs for high-volume runs. The TexJet echo² can remain idle for up to 30 days without losing a drop! Lights, darks, or both, one can choose between CMYK +4White for both lights and darks or 2x CMYK for only light garments or prints without white ink.

A specially designed sensor sets the ideal distance between the fabric and the printhead, so one can easily change applications (t-shirts, hoodies, towels, totes, etc.).

PolyPrint DTG has a quick platen switching system and garment setting offers faster results to meet on-demand customers. It has an intuitive interface (keypad) that alerts useres to environmental conditions.

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