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Primus Chemicals Receives ZDHC Level 3 Certification

24 January 2022: Taiwan based Primus Chemical Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of inks for garment printing, has recently received ZDHC Level 3 Certification for its range of products. ZDHC a worldwide recognized and trusted certifier to ensure registered products are carefully examined by MRSL V2.0 that composes of all hazardous chemicals related to garments.

Primus Chemical has been offering garment textile screen printing chemicals over the past three decades. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, starting mainly with water base rubberized paste and pigment formulation for local textile industry, then gradually expanding product lines into oil base Plastisol and Silicone inks for most diversified customer’s demands and market trends. But in view of the ecological trend prevailing worldwide, Primus Chemical intended to provide fundamentally green products which comfort consumers to wear safer and healthy garments.

The company’s philosophy is to offer sustainable products. It is always tries to offer best of functional textile inks to achieve fancy designs and amazing artworks. Its range of products include: Primus Chemical offers Water Base inks, Silicone inks, Primus Plast Inks, Primus Binder Series, Primus Solvent Inks, Primus Flockmate Series, Primus Plast 3d Films““Primus is continuously investing various segments such as laboratory, R&D team, production process optimization. It is emphasizing on more user-friendly products.

Commenting on the ZDHC certification, Sam Chung, CEO said “It’s a great milestone Primus has been achieved and worked on this project since last year. ZDHC Level 3 is never ever an easy job because the regulation covers not only products to be ecological friendly but also EHS and Zero Discharge to workers/environment. The duty to the earth and to human beings is getting more and more important, as we’re a member of the world. We have some new projects and Primus will continue to serve all the best products for our valued partners & customers.”

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