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Print Dynamic is Honoured with IFCA Star Award 2021 for ‘Import Substitute UV-C Wavelength Sterilization Indicator Ink’

09 December 2021: Although Covid-19 has created havoc globally, it also offered opportunities to many innovators to create some pandemic related products. And Mumbai based leading inks and chemicals manufacturer, Print Dynamic was quick to develop an innovative product, an import substitute ‘UV-C wavelength sterilization indicator ink,’ for which the company was honoured with the IFCA Star Award 2021.

Although such innovative products are not necessarily created to bag some awards and shine, honouring innovators from time to time certainly inspires companies such as Print Dynamic to constantly bring out innovative products. So, in the past Print Dynamic had received a similar award from Indian Flexible Packaging & Folding Carton Manufacturers Association (IFCA) in 2020. The Award was presented to Print Dynamic for their “Specialised Paper Film, Made in India,” under the category: “Innovation under the category Allied Industry.” With the IFCA Award 2021, Print Dynamic has added one more feather in its cap. The company headed by Akil Contractor, has been regularly winning laurels and it is a Limca Book of Records recognised company.

Sharing his proud moment Akil Contractor during the Screen Print India exhibition in New Delhi, said “It was our pleasure to receive such honour. It is a truly ‘Made in India’ product and an absolute import substitute. Awards like these do not come overnight nor can we ask for it, nor do we make any intentional effort to claim such awards. It is the recognition of our passion for innovation for which we are known.”

Giving details of their import substitute UV-C wavelength sterilization indicator ink, Akil Contractor said that there are only a few companies in the world who manufacture such inks which are very expensive too. “The sticker printed with this ink is an indicator that sterlisation is done through sterilant called UVC wavelength. UVC is the most dangerous UV wavelength coming from the sun which can kill all organic life, but we are protected with the Ozone layer.”

“The ink is the outcome of our innovation during Covid-19 pandemic. It has become mandatory to sterilize whatever we handle. So, this Ink changes color from start to transition when exposed to UV-C. The ink is gaining importance for covid-19 sterilisation. It is printed on a small sticker like a security label and affixed over food packaging, hospital garments, luggage, retail packaging, utensils, etc. (Earlier, during Covid-19 there was a widespread scare that whatever we handle might have covid virus !). And our ink does the work of confirming that sterlisation of such items is complete. The stickers can be printed by screen or other printing processes.”

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