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Print Master Arasu Perarasu presents SOP for Flock Printing

30 January 2021: Arasu. S. Perarasu, a senior Print Master at Fashions, a UK based company having unit in Tirupur, has written SOPs for print suppliers titled “Flock Prints: Method Of Working-SOPs.” He says that it’s like a ‘Guide’ for Flock printing. Arasu has also written a ‘Design Guide’ with Layout guidance for the entire textile Printing unit and machinery placement, Screen Making Process, Colour Mixing, Transfer Printing, Types of Printing Inks, etc. This guide was created by his to educate our UK-Office Designers and for Merchandisers.

His content on “Flock: Method Of Working” is a working guide for anybody needing to undertake the problem-free and fine Flock print. “My UK office counterparts forwarded it to International print specialists, and many Buyers like Primark all have appreciated it. And they forwarded it to their worldwide garments suppliers,” says Arasu.

He has nearly 30 years’ experience in textile printing. He has also worked as a Production Manager in Printing departments of many large garment manufacturing companies in Tirupur. “I regularly conduct seminars at Talent Export Staff Association (TESA), Tirupur. The seminars focus on textile screen printing specially designed for textile printers and Merchandise professionals. I touched upon Graphic Designing, Stencil making methods, Dyes and inks, Print process, Find the problems, Remedies for the problems, Problem-free production, Quality control, Handling the Technical staff, etc.”

He has created a Telegram Group for textile screen printing professionals and exporters to educate them. He has created a WhatsApp group for Exporters and Merchandiser with 1150 plus members. The idea is to share knowledge. And in recognition of his Service and educational activities, TESA honoured him with an Award.

“Sorry to say that most of the textile screen printers in Tirupur, especially the one undertaking job work, do not have direct contact with the buyers and often they are not able to convey the technical difficulties to them directly. Normally the jobs come through the merchandisers who liaise with the buyers. However, most of the merchandisers do not have much knowledge about the screen printing process although they know other processes of garment manufacturing such as yarn, knitting, dyeing, stitching, fabric, etc. So, a need was felt to educate the merchandisers about the textile/garment printing process, so that they become more efficient and technically sound,” says Arasu.

“And, in Tirupur, there is no institute which teaches textile screen printing. And such seminars should be conducted regularly to update knowledge of the printers. So, I feel one should share their knowledge with other fellow professionals. By doing so, not only one can increase their power of knowledge but also bring benefit to the industry as a whole,” he concludes.

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