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Printers’ Milan at Yamuna Nagar, Haryana

08 July 2024: In its ongoing efforts and dedication to the growth and development of the printing and packaging industries, Offset Printers’ Association (OPA) continues its initiative of organizing Printers’ Milan in various cities and towns. This initiative aims to engage with local printing communities, understand their unique challenges and expectations, and foster a sense of unity and collaboration within the industry. By meeting printers in their own locales, OPA gains a clearer understanding of the specific issues and obstacles faced by different printing businesses. This direct engagement allows for the development of tailored solutions and support, ensuring that the needs of printers are effectively met.

Printers’ Milan also facilitates networking among local printers, fostering a sense of community and encouraging collaborative efforts. These connections can lead to partnerships, joint ventures, and a stronger collective voice in addressing industry-wide issues.

Recently, an OPA delegation visited Yamuna Nagar, a city in Haryana, where the meeting was highly successful. Discussions covered topics such as revised GST rates, the transformation of printing technologies, and the necessities of sustainable printing and packaging. A key objective of these meetings is to extend a warm invitation to printers to attend the International Conference on Sustainable Printing and Packaging. Scheduled to be held in Ayodhya from 6-9 September 2024, this conference will bring together global experts, industry leaders, and innovators to discuss the latest advancements and sustainable practices in printing and packaging. Many members of Yamuna Nagar Offset Printers’ Association (YOPA) expressed deep interest in the upcoming International Conference on Sustainable Printing and Packaging.

The International Conference on Sustainable Printing and Packaging promises to be a landmark event, offering attendees a platform to explore cutting-edge technologies, participate in thought-provoking discussions, and contribute to the future of sustainable practices in the industry.

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