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Printing Expert Anuja Prabhu Enlightens KTMH’s B.Voc. Printing Technology Students on Dome Label Printing

05 October 2022: Anuja Prabhu, an active social worker and founder of Anuja Prabhu Social Foundation and an expert in printing technology, conducted one-day technical training at K.T.H.M. College, Nashik for a batch of final year students of B.Voc. Printing Technology.

Giving details of the training, Rahul Pagare, Asst. Professor, Printing Technology, K.T.H.M, said that the program was a part of the Annual Project of final year students. Out of 50 students, 12 students are undertaking a project of Dome Labels as a part of their final year degree project. The year-long project involved technical study, applications, and advantages of dome labels, production process, materials and equipment required, and future market.

K.T.H.M. College’s B.Voc. Printing Technology Students undergo Internship in various Printing Industries during three years courses. Hence all students get practical experience during their studies. Projects on Printing are a compulsory part of their curriculum. Hence all students get hand on experience during their studies.

“When we called up Anuja Prabhu, she wholeheartedly agreed to hold the technical training. And mind you, she revealed every aspect of the Dome Label production and enlightened the students. She explained the importance of zero balancing of the table while doming and she even presented gifts and certificates to students. On behalf of her company she also donated materials and offered to supply machines at a 50% discount, in addition, to help us in future projects,” said Prof. Pagare, adding,

K.T.H.M. College’s B.Voc. Printing Technology was established in 2014. Their courses are conducted in collaboration with other universities, industries, and foreign institutions. The College achieves 100 % Placement of students in Printing and Packaging Industries all over the country. The students are placed in big and reputed printing industries including OEMs such as pharma companies. Out of the 50 students of the 2022-23 batch 11 students have received placement in ACG Capsules in Aurangabad and will be working in the capsule printing department.

The College aims to increase our collaboration with several Printing Industries. It plans to install the latest Printing Instruments to improve the latest knowledge about the printing industry. They plan to organize an Exhibition for the students in the College with the help of Industries and Institutions. They plan to increase the number of Lectures from Industrial experts to increase industrial knowledge.

Prof Pagare concludes “So, we are thankful for the printing industry and industry experts who always support our students to empower them to take up new jobs through placements.”

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