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Printing Samachar launches ‘Printers Providers Directory 2021 – Gujarat’

29 October 2021: A detailed information of printers’ providers associated with Gujarat printing industry.““Printing Samachar, the only Gujarati monthly magazine in the printing industry in India, is in the process of publishing a new “Printer’s Providers Directory”.

Explaining the salient features of the directory, Narendra Parmar, Publisher and Managing Editor of Printing Samachar said “Today the whole world, especially our industry has entered the digital age. We all got to think about what the coming days would be like. We are taking a new step with the intention of being useful to printers. So far we have only seen the directory of printers and the information or advertisements of the suppliers which are printed as part of that directory. But it has never occurred to me to have only a list of suppliers. Second, printer directories are mostly used by manufacturers, agents, or suppliers. But when it comes to print service providers’ directory, most of it will be used by printers, because the buyers of raw materials and consumables are the printers.”

“The Printer’s Providers Directory, will give a brief introduction of the company (profile) and the complete contact bridge. There will be their details, mobile number, email, website etc. along with photos of the company owner / partners / directors or upper management officials. In addition, there will be information about which products the company deals, authorized agents or their status. If there is a large scale company and work is done through different departments, detailed information will also be given about marketing department, delivery department, account department or general management for writing orders etc. It will also be informed if there is any arrangement to contact directly on phone / mobile or direct contact with the photos of the contact persons of that organization / company owner / partners / high level officials or manager level.

He explains further that the Printer’s Providers Directory will try to provide information on all items and consumables related to commercial as well as packaging printing. Including Paper, Ink, Varnish, Coatings, Consumables, Lamination Film, Conventional Machinery, Digital Print Production Machines, Used Machinery Suppliers, Pre-Press Machinery, Post Press Machinery Suppliers etc., All Types of Mechanical Spare Parts, Electronics Spares, Repairs, Ink Manufacturers, Authorized Agents, Dealers, Resellers etc., This will be an attempt to create a ready reference guide through which the answer or information for all the needs of the printers can be found easily. The publisher has contact information of more than 20,000 print professionals from Gujarat.

He concludes “The system of collecting and compiling information for this directory will be carried out with the contribution of Rs.1,000/- + GST @5% from all the participants and the contributor will be allotted one four colour page in the directory which will include all the details of your company, company logo, products or photo or logo of the principal company / product (according to the availability of the space).

Narendra Parmar – +91 93760 79911

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