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PRINTING United Alliance Joins ‘Keep US Posted’ Effort to Renew its Investment in Promoting the ‘Value of Mail’

04 February 2022: PRINTING United Alliance has announced that it has made a $10,000 investment as a first-year supporter in the new Keep US Posted public affairs campaign to promote the value of mail. This announcement was made in conjunction with a recent members-only PRINTING United Alliance “Ask the Experts” webinar. PRINTING United Alliance is one of nearly a dozen organizations to sign on to the new Keep US Posted initiative.

Keep US Posted engages industry, consumers and elected officials in an effort to achieve the long-term stability and affordability of the U.S. Postal Service. Its ultimate goal is strengthening the print and mailing industries to successfully advocate for a healthy mail system. Keep US Posted is the only group focused solely on representing the interests of market-dominant mailers.

Under the leadership of former Congressman Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.), who worked on postal issues during his four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, Keep US Posted is already building a base of grassroots advocates and encouraging members of Congress to “connect the dots” on mail’s societal and economic value.

“The printing industry has a long history of advocating for postal reform on Capitol Hill, and while we’ve achieved intermittent victories, there’s been a lack of sustained attention to these issues by Congress,” says Ford Bowers, CEO, PRINTING United Alliance. “Our members rightly suffer from ‘postal reform fatigue’ after seeing the policy fights drag on and on. Keep US Posted offers a fresh approach to broadening the support for postal reform from an insular industry conversation to one that engages consumers who can appeal to Congress in a new way. We can all benefit from this reboot and are committed to helping Keep US Posted be successful in its mission.

“We’re proud to be an early supporter and have made a sizeable investment to ensure its ability to hit the ground running. PRINTING United Alliance members are encouraged to learn more about the campaign through our webinars and publications, and to consider making their own corporate investments in Keep US Posted to help power its success.”

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