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Protechnic Offers Adhesive Solutions in Roll & Powder Form

10 August 2022: Protechnic of France is a world-leading manufacturer in hot melt adhesive bonding, decorative film printing, combined functionality, converting plus applications technology and sustainable industrial solutions. Whether you need improved performance, added functionality, streamlined production or reduced cost, Protechnic’s range of hot-melt webs, films, nets and powder will help you achieve your goal.

Protechnics wide range of polymers, structures, dimensions, performance characteristics and technical features enables them to offer the optimal adhesive solution meeting all of your technical requirement.

The optimal adhesive solution is one that will preserve the look, feel and flexibility.
Protechnic’s solvent-free adhesives are clean and efficient to use :
1 meter of adhesive = 1 meter of laminate
No wasteful set-up process is required and most of Protechnic products emit no VOC’s.

Protechnic’s high performance polymers allow you to lower the adhesive weight and therefore reduce cost. Development cycles are shortened and small scale trials are easily duplicated in production. The simplicity of the process limits waste and production errors.

Protechnic’s complete solution:
• Assistance in defining the specifications of your project
• Expert guidance in identifying the right dry adhesive solution
• Help in determining the optimal processing conditions

Protechnic products are used worldwide and supported by their international sales network and support facilities.

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