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Sakurai’s 10th New Technology Introduction Show held April ’20

27 June 2020: Global screen printing technology leader, Sakurai Graphic Systems organised their 10th New Technology Introduction Show (also known as Sakurai Japan Factory Open House) from April 14th to 17th, 2020 at their Gifu factory in Japan, wherein “Fusion of Analog (Silk Screen) and Digital (Inkjet) Technologies” was demonstrated.

As a part of its continued commitment to customers, the company has said that it will also hold the 11th New Technology Introduction Show to support new markets and showcase new added value for printing companies.

“Despite Covid situation, Sakurai managed to hold their Open house which has been well-received by many domestic customers,” informs Ajay Gandhi, Kunal Enterprise, Sakurai’s exclusive distributor in India. “Sakurai’s team carefully and safely organized the event, following the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s guideline. As per the COVID-19 advisory, the permitted visitors were 1/4th of the attendees usually participate in such events held annually. Customers were able to see Sakurai’s products thoroughly. Moreover, the new product printing test was performed on 11th May 2020 for the customers who could not come to this exhibition.”

During the Open House, Sakurai’s team showcased their new products such as Multi-task automatic cylinder screen line combined with Ink-Jet Printing, DMS-80SD-EXT, B1 size cylinder screen printing line with a hot foil processing system, MS-102AX + LQM-105 EVOLUTION + SI-102IN. They also showcased their upgraded Roll to roll cylinder screen printing line corresponding 25 um thick web, MSDR-30 + UV + HOT; and Screen plate washing device, SSW-104 Automatic flatbed high-speed screen printing press, MF-80VII.

Other products exhibited included:

• Servo drive automatic cylinder screen press, MS-80SD + CCD

• Direct servo drive automatic cylinder screen press, MS-110DDS + CCD

• Image setter for screen plate, SIS-1800

• A2 size 2 color – 1/1 perfector offset press, OL-266SIP

• A2 size Rotary Complex & Converting System, OL-66RCS

The undisputed leader in automatic screen printing technology, Sakurai has launched the two-color line “DMS-80SD-EXT” a screen printing press equipped with an inkjet unit that can perform complex processing of thermal transfer sheet in one pass as a theme of “Fusion of Analog (Silk Screen) and Digital (Inkjet) Technologies”. Moreover, Sakurai has updated a foiling unit which is exhibited in the name of “MS-102AX + LQM-105 EVOLUTION + SI-102IN” and also launched other updated products and new technologies in response to the customer’ requests.

The two-color line DMS-80SD-EXT a screen printing press equipped with an inkjet unit is based on the concept of EXCITE (Extra Combination of Inkjet Technology). At first, it prints CMYK 4-color inkjet using a print head made manufactured by European company then cure with an LED-UV lamp after that white backup with screen press, lastly as for glueing; the hot-melting powder is applied only to the point where the varnish is printed by screen printing

The demonstration was conducted with only a single pass of complex processes. Sakurai received strong interest in a labor-saving transfer system that can improve productivity and reduce personnel by consolidating processing steps.

Screen printing press MS-102AX + Foiling unit LQM-105 EVOLUTION + Inspection unit SI-102IN is a new model of the LQM-105 foiling unit launched last year.

Sakurai team also demonstrated some functions that allow finely specify the necessary points for foiling and simultaneously foil rolls with different diameters and widths, performed a foiling process with a thinner line, fine design. Furthermore, they also showed a quality control that detects defects with the Inspection unit after hot foiling.

In the upgraded product segment, Sakurai introduced a MSDR-30 + UV + HOT which is equipped with a vertical box type compact hot air dryer developed exclusively for cylinder type Roll to Roll screen printing press. For peripherals, the company introduced the screen plate cleaning device SSW-104 with a fluid recycling system option and floor tabs along with a demonstration.

Also, the company demonstrated a flatbed type fully automatic screen printing press MF-80VII, stop cylinder type fully automatic screen printing press MS-102SD, Sakurai Image setter SIS-1800, two-color double-sided offset printing press OL-266SIP, rotary composite processing machine OL-266RCS.

Since 1946, Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation has been manufacturing printing equipment and providing sophisticated services to customers, under a corporate philosophy of developing and maintaining customer relationships that endure for generations. By tracking today’s needs and application trends, Sakurai develops innovative screen printing solutions for the global market which create additional value for its clients. /

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