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Schutzen Chemical Group validates its Anti-microbial & Anti-Viral textile finish

16 September 2020: Schutzen Chemical Group, a textile speciality chemical manufacturer, has validated its Anti-microbial and Anti-Viral textile finish called ‘SCHUTZENKILL-XCOV’, as per ISO 18184:2019 protocol. The product was found to be effective to inactivate 99.9% Human Coronavirus 229E HCoV-229E (Surrogate for SARS CoV-2 , COVID-19).

The SchutzenKILL-XCOV was tested at Situ Biosciences, USA. It has been reported that Silver ions and Silane quaternary ammonium compounds are highly bio-accumulative and ubiquitous in nature, while Zinc pyrithione chemistry was found to be highly toxic. So, Schutzen KILL-XCOV is being developed using Amine chemistry which doesn’t contain any quaternary ammonium compounds, silver or halogen groups. This makes the product extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

According to Raj Mahendra Tanna, Founder & Director, Schutzen Chemical Group, the SchutzenKILLX-COV is sustainable chemistry from the future with proven efficacy against viruses as well as gram-positive and negative bacteria. “This chemistry will prove to be useful even after the COVID-19 Pandemic ends across multiple textiles applications.”

In the words of Mahendra Tanna, Business Strategist & Mentor, a Retired MD of the Group “The innovation reflects an innovative scientific approach. I am sure this product will help many customers in India and abroad to reach their anti-viral finishes in a very environmentally friendly way.”

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