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Shailesh Mehta of Mehta Cad-Cam speaks on ‘CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Technology’ via Facebook Live

06 October 2021: Mehta Cad Cam Systems (P) Ltd. has been working in Laser, CNC and Digital Printers for more than 20 years consistently. They have contributed a lot in new development of these technologies and also developed many new applications from the same. With the good intention of knowledge sharing about new developments, Shailesh Mehta, Founder-Director, Mehta Cad Cam Systems (P) Ltd., organised a Facebook Live Program on September 24, 2021, which received an excellent response from all over India. His presentation covered the following aspects:

– New technology can enable 10 times higher production than a regular machine. Mehta Cad Cam Systems have launched a high-speed laser engraving and cutting machine called ERINA, which is equipped with a 3D scan head and metal laser tube from SYNRAD USA. It gives around 10 times higher speed in engraving and cutting different materials which is also very compact in size. In the price war of engraving and cutting, people do forget the power of metal laser tubes, which have around 10 times longer life as compared to glass laser tubes.

– Mehta Cad Cam has developed a high-speed laser system for the textile industry, which is completely customized, where you load the fabric roll on the rear of the machine and it automatically forwards the material after cutting and the whole roll can be cut in one go without any human intervention. The company has developed a laser cutting system called VEGA, which is equipped with Ac servo motor, ball screw and 300 W glass laser tube, which can cut 40mm of acrylic with very smooth edges on the sides.

– Now 2D/3D laser marking is also getting popular. Whenever one wants to engrave in a very small area like 15 x 15 cm for mass production in thousands instead of using an X-Y table one can use a Co2 2D laser marking machine. Now the Co2 3D laser marking system is also available, which can mark on cylindrical products, the complete surface of curved items or bowls kind of objects with uniform marking.

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