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SignTronics CtS introduces new StencilMaster / Gen.4 – 2021 technology

01 December 2020: In line with its vision of ‘Simplify Screen Printing’, SignTronics CtS, a renowned Swiss based manufacturer of Computer to Screen (CtS) machines for the stencil production, has introduced their new StencilMaster / Generation 4 – 2021 technology. The new CTS, named STM-2316 Q4 LED FHD, is a high power LED technology with multi wave length, having FHD DMD technology. It offers >2million pixels (mirrors) expose at the same time and has exposing height (sweep) of 30,3 mm / 1,2″. It comes with ZEISS optics / 1600 dpi.

CTS allows film-free screen making without vacuum frame and without copying lamp; considerably shorter process sequences; a reduced number of work steps and as a result lower costs per screen printing form.

SignTronics CtS 3rd generation technology is based on the following component modules:
# Strong UV light source
# DMD micro-mirror array
# High-quality ZEISS optics with self-focusing
# Control unit OECU and operating software STPrint V.4
# Servo-motors for multiple axis control
# Horizontal exposure carriage with air-cushioned shuttle

The quality of the used optical equipment is of prime importance for excellent exposure results. Strengths of the Zeiss optics: fast lenses with high light transmission, maximum stability and precision.

Depending on the planned size and application, the StencilMasters are available in two different resolutions. The standard resolution – regardless of the printing screen size is 1270 dpi (20 micron pixel). The HR (High Resolution) version guarantees 2400 dpi (10 micron pixel) directly on the printing screen.

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