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Small & micro printers are affected due to COVID-19 lockdown: Prof. Kamal Chopra

05 November 2020: Prof. Kamal Chopra, newly elected President of AIFMP (All India Federation of Master Printers), said that India is dominated with small and micro printers, who are suffering due to these pandemic conditions and longest ever lockdown. He said that as per the available feedback, not less than 23% printing units closed or shifted their business during this period. “So, my first and primary goal is to get some relief for the Micro and Small printers of the country,” he said.

“The year 2021 may be the year of survival for all of us. Many changes are in store while starting our work, once again after this long lockdown. The Internet and digitisation is hitting normal printing very hard. Only recently government of India notified not to get printed the calendar and diaries, etc. But in a country where the internet is yet to reach 51% population, such a decision can be said to be tying a horse behind the cart,” he added.

Prof. Chopra said that these pandemic conditions taught us many lessons. “I always believe that there are opportunities hidden in any pathetic conditions. COVID trained us to live in healthy and sanitized atmosphere, production with less working hands, come out of comfort zones to plan for future and many more. These days many of us start saying, internet is killing printing. Let’s get past the “print is dead” misconception. The future of print is embracing the exciting new waves of communication and media innovation more than you might expect. Yes, the use of print has declined over the last two decades, but that ended a few years ago. The industry is now positioned to expand, especially with the oversaturation and privacy issues digital platforms experience today.”

In his address to OPA members, Prof Chopra inspired by saying that industries respond to shifting consumer preferences in the wake of COVID-19, along with a widespread demand for pandemic-specific innovation, the new socially distanced reality is rapidly shaping the way we do business and interact. “Due to the lockdown, now the printer will have to learn the new ways of business and interacting with the customer.”

As companies merge and streamline in record numbers, there will be fewer manufacturers, merchants, and printers. However, the ones that vigorously adopt new technology will thrive and grow. “There are a surprising number of new opportunities, but the printers must be willing to make significant changes to take advantage of them. The consensus is that big changes are coming. The top printing companies are embracing innovations, integrating with digital technology, and getting more customized. My perception is printing is not only ink on paper, we will have to adopt new and innovative ideas, may be textile and garment printing also which can lead to the survival of micro and small printers,” Prof. Chopra concluded.

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