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Spoorthi Technologies team installs 2020’s last ROQ machine in Tirupur

31 December 2020: Spoorthi Technologies team recently completed the year 2020 with their last installation of ROQ automatic textile printing machine in Tirupur with a lot of hopes to install more machines in the year 2021.

ROQ is represented in India by Spoorthi Technologies, led by Ramesh Ganduri. Commenting on the year’s last installation, he said “Despite the pandemic, in 2020, we have installed 29 machines and 10 machines are in sailing. And in the last 2 months, we have booked 26 machines which are yet to be dispatched.”

He adds: “As the COVID-19 crisis was deepening, initially we were worried and were in dark about the future. The last quarter of 2020 witnessed a sudden surge in orders for garments so also orders for our automatic textile screen printing machines. This indicates that there is a fightback spirit in the market. The overall situation is now improving for the better in Tirupur and orders have started pouring in as we embark on the New Year 2020.”

Although Spoorthi Technologies is a customer-centric company, COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown posed more challenges in terms of rendering service to customers, says Ramesh. “After the lockdown was eased out and production was permitted, we as machine supplier had an important responsibility to ensure that our customers’ machines work without any trouble as equipment were idle during lock down period and there was the possibility of some maintenance. But with our team’s motto ‘customer first,’ we did our best to serve our customers on a priority basis. During this worst-ever crisis, we extended 2 months AMC and our Technicians never said ‘NO’ to any service during this difficult time. During worst ever pandemic, our team proved ourselves that ROQ’s service support is best ever.”

Citing a recent survey, he said that automatic machines are expected to replace half of the global workforce. “Although COVID-19 put investments on hold, in the coming days, we expect more penetrated investment into automatic textile screen printers, as there certain advantages of automation such as Productivity, Safety, Profitability, Quality and minimum Human errors in production.”

Ramesh concludes with a positive note “Let’s wrap up 2020 together and leave 2021 wide open for possibility, hope, and new beginnings.”

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