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Sudharshan Printline Launches NexPrint – Entry Level Screen Printer with High Performance

13 October 2021: Chennai-based Sudharshan Machinery (also known as Sudarshan Printline) has launched NexPrint 12 x 18, an entry level semi-automatic screen printing machine targeted to printers looking for low budget, high performance machines. The NexPrint comes in two models.

NexPrint 1218 B, offered at a discounted price of INR1,95,000 plus, is meant for shopping bag printing such as non woven, paper bag, jute, polyester, PP and cotton bags. This machine does not have a vacuum bed. The second model, NexPrint 1218 with vacuum bed, offered at a discounted price of INR2,25,000 plus, is meant for general purpose such as stickers, labels, garment tags, wedding cards and such other small area printing jobs.

For those who wish to print jobs with UV ink or varnish, the company has also designed a new UV curing machine with 12-inch curing and 18-inch configurations.

K Sundar Raman, Director of Sudharshan Machinery, said, “During the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, there has been sluggish demand for screen printing machines and we were otherwise idle and it was thus ideal time to think of new ideas and design and creation of NexPrint 1218 is the ultimate result of the COVID break.”

“The new machine has improved features, loaded with the best components. It is a mechanical type screen printing machine yet heavy duty; it does not have a PLC and is simple to operate, Plug and play. We have targeted this machine for rural areas with bare minimum or no maintenance required features. It is a single-phase printer which runs without a compressor. Moreover, screen printing inks and materials suppliers in every city are invited to take distributorship for NexPrint 1218 and it will be a game changer as it can add a new offering into their existing portfolio of diverse products,” he added.

The NexPrint can run at a production speed of 1050 impressions per hour and can be extended up to 1200 as per operators’ capabilities. Moreover, the compact machine can be placed in a 5×5 ft room, and use just a normal home power supply. It is especially designed to fit the entry door of a home or easily move into floors as it has Castor wheels.

The other features are: adjustment of screen height, Separate squeegee pressure; the stainless vacuum bed has size of 16 x 22 inch. It can fit screen frame size of min 1 8 x 24 inch and max: 24 x 26 inch. Weighing 165 kg approx, the compact machine has a dimension of 56 inch (L) x 40 inch (W) x 49 inch (H).

NexPrint Demo is available at the company’s factory in Chennai and post-delivery, operational training can be offered online through video call, or else buyers can visit the factory to obtain one day training, Sundar Raman declared.

He concluded, “We hope this entry-level screen printing machine will bring benefit to end-users, and offer the best screen printing solutions. Over the years, based on our customers’ feedback, we have been upgrading all our machines. Shortly, we are going to release one or two new models with striking features.”

Sudarshan Machinery is celebrating its 20th anniversary and the launch of NexPrint 1218 series screen printing machine is its landmark achievement. The company is a regular supplier of high-end screen printing machines to large industries for industrial screen printing applications such as PCB, automobile decals, industrial labels, etc.

Their current Product lines include Automatic Screen Printing Machinery, Semi-Automatic Screen Printing Machine, Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine, special purpose machine etc. Besides the domestic market, the company has exported its products to Europe, Malaysia and the Middle East.

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