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Sunlan Chemicals shines in the export market

20 July 2020: The word “Roshan” in the Hindi language, translates to ‘shining light.’ Epitomizing this is Roshan Gangwani, Managing Director of Ahmedabad-based Sunlan Chemicals, who is set to ‘shine’ in the export market. He is planning to penetrate the global market in a bid to achieve at least 50% revenue from the export market from the current 25% share. “The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the businesses, but at the same time it has also provided immense opportunities,” says the entrepreneur.

Sunlan Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of various printing inks in India. The company has a well-equipped manufacturing facility and research and development division. Its current product portfolio includes: Conventional Screen Printing Inks, Speciality Printing Inks, Screen Reclaiming Chemicals, Textile Printing Inks, UV Inks & UV Varnishes (also called as special effects) and Customized Inks.

The company’s vision is to provide inks that are easy to print, convenient to handle, environment friendly in nature complying with all ecological norms at an affordable pricing. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the company has been receiving some orders and some serious enquiries from the export market. This trend seems to be the result of the global onslaught against Chinese products, following the COVID-19 outbreak in China, which has now spread all over the world. “Now Western markets are looking at India as a sourcing hub,” says Roshan Gangwani.

“Although COVID-19 pandemic continues to trouble the economy, we are now back on track. Enquiries are coming daily, orders are being placed regularly. The export market looks promising. The packaging sector is picking up fast, we combine extensive manufacturing experience, cost-effectiveness and diligent quality control measures to provide the highest quality printing ink. Having started 15 years ago in the screen printing industry with the extensive customer experience and a good study of the changing market demands we have consciously changed the company’s orbit from local to international markets. Maintaining the balance and bridging the twin objectives of quality and price is the key to success in the global market,” he concludes.

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