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Taiwanese startup A.V. Mapping dares to put an end to Battles of Copyrights

07 January 2021: if one uploads a copyright video on YouTube channels, one gets immediate alert on copyright infringement, be it video content or dubbed music content and YouTube Admin immediately asks the members to act on the issue either to delete the content or take appropriate action.

Owing to the growing popularity of video contents on social media and digital world, Copyrights issues are increasingly taking center stage of the entertainment and media world. As such time-consuming, licensing conflicts between content creators and producers are on the rise, as per reports. Hundreds of thousands of videos around the world are currently involved in copyright infringement suits.

So, for the first time A.V. Mapping, Taiwan, is promoting its patented AI platform as a solution to the problem of copyright infringement in this online media-driven age. The company is a one-stop turnkey solution that shortens the music-for-video search by 2,000 times. This platform has already been adopted by major companies in Taiwan, including Acer, UNIQLO and Family Mart, according to an official release.

With its unique AI model, the platform analyzes the content, element, and cuts in an uploaded video and then compares the results to the music database for the proper music recommendation for each video. This database currently contains over 6,000 hours of music, covering 120,000 songs in 60 different genres. Continued expansion is expected to increase this database to over 28 million songs in the future.

Despite an increasing number of online creator platforms such as Bandcamp, Artist Union, and Audio Jungle, it is still difficult for filmmakers to find the right music to use in their videos. With the help of A.V. Mapping, music producers are able to mark their productions at the right price, while filmmakers can save time on browsing and searching for the right piece of music and avoid copyright infringement worries to boot. This is the ultimate goal of A.V. Mapping. We let creators do creative things and use technology to provide a highly visible, significantly more sustainable platform for audio and video creators around the world.

Frinny Lee, Founder and CEO of A.V. Mapping, a female entrepreneur and producer of scientific films, says that despite the global COVID pandemic, 2020 has been a big year for A.V. Mapping. Recently, A.V. Mapping was selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups being showcased at CES 2021.

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