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Tarun Prints, a pioneering brand leads the way since three decades

31 July 2021: Since 1991, Tarun Prints has been a reputable name in the field of apparels for its high quality printing, creativity and unique print techniques. Tarun Prints is the only company having won more than 202 international and national awards with 5 best of the show awards. With a commitment to create legacy out of this expertise and rich background of screen printing, Astron was born in the year 2009.

Astron has always been a print oriented brand be it t-shirts, short tops, tunics, shirts, dresses or midis. With the direct exposure to exporters working with best European brands, Tarun Prints developed a keen sense of fashion forecast which paved the way for Astron. With in-house embellishment processes like printing, heat transfer, embroidery, hand work, stone stick-on, etc., Astron has grown to become a force to reckon with among Indian brands in a span of 5 years.

Bharat Sethia, Founder, Tarun Prints, shares, “We have an ultra-modern manufacturing unit at Bhiwandi and we are regularly taking part in CMAI Garment Fair which is held in Mumbai. Over the years we have built up an extensive network of our distributors who showcase our products in their shop. We have an extensive distributor network all over India and we have more than 300+ dealers. In Autumn, we release over 100+ new designs which we showcase at CMAI Garment Fair or call our distributors in a hotel where we have a roadshow and booking of the garments, which is spread over 5-6 days. Being in the fashion industry we have to be very much ready to gauge the mood of the consumers.”

Elaborating on the factors that influenced the decision to launch Astron, he says, “We started Astron brand in 2010 as during our years of experience in garment printing we had noticed the following: There are many brands which have created niche name in the consumers mind due to innovating printing and designing. Many times, we were doing the printing as per client’s needs, we were not been able to get our self-satisfaction by creating some new designs. The retail industry in India is booming and it will grow still further in coming days. We had deep knowledge of all aspect of garment manufacturing and have developed very good contacts with the industry players over the years.”

“Many overseas suppliers and clients visiting us used to always suggest that we take the plunge and ask us, ‘why don’t you start your own brand?’ as in USA and Europe most of the leading printers have their own brand in the market. I was also thinking that my next generation will actively support us. My son Tejas, now takes care of the total brand marketing / retail management and my daughter who has just completed her Masters in ‘Retail Management & Fashion Merchandising’ from a leading US university is also actively helping us,” Bharat Sethia adds.

“One of the biggest factors influencing the decision to have our own brand was that it provided a strong stimulus to the in-house team’s creative endeavours to raise their benchmarks even higher than they had achieved already. Moreover, this gave our design conceptualisers the added knowledge that whatever unique creations they visualised and came up with would definitely transform into reality. Financially also, it was a win-win because the Tarun Prints team could put out and create lots of new prints irrespective of the print cost in their own labels. While designing for others we have limitations of costing, so the ultimate level of creation we want to do is not justified by doing such labour jobs,” Bharat Sethia underlined.

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