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Textile Design Software : The Current Trend and the Future Scope 

From food to travel, shopping to acquiring any services, people today are interested in getting everything custom-made. Nothing makes them happier than if in any way they can personalize any product or service they are acquiring. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the invention of certain software that comes with the freedom of personalization and customization have made it possible to modify things as one needs and textile design is one among them. 

No sooner did the digital textile printing entered the market, it became a hit. The concept of digital prints on fabric impressed people so much that the global digital textile printing market is expected to reach $3,943 million by 2022. 

To the question what is digital textile printing, it is the latest innovation in textile printing, where, using digital technologies like a fabric design software a printable image (design) of a graphical data file is generated which is then printed directly onto the garment with minuscule droplets of ink. 

Why is a digital textile printing using fabric design software trending so much? 

  • Digital textile printing meets the demands for high-quality designs, short-runs and rapid-turnarounds which people want the most in today’s time;
  • Low-cost start-up;
  • Less wastage and no disposal of excess dye and chemicals harming the environment;
  • Print-on-demand with high printing accuracy and sharp printing;
  • Less operational space and very minimal usage of resources and inventory; 
  • Needs less education as compared to traditional printing;
  • Fast sampling and short-term delivery;
  • Cost-effective for both smaller and bulk orders.

What are the advantages of implementing a digital textile design software? 

A custom fabric design web-to-print software comes with a bagful of benefits for both the store owners as well as the customers. 

For Customers: 

  • It is mobile-friendly which means a customer can personalize and order custom fabrics from anywhere, any-time with any device.
  • It supports wide-format printing products and generates print-ready files in the required format and sizes.
  • It offers the choice of materials, sizes, and printing patterns for the customers to personalize their fabric as they want. 
  • It allows customers to see the live preview of their design with pricing.
  • It supports the 3rd party image library integration such as Pixabay, Fotolia etc.
  • It allows the configuration of the design studio in any number of preferred native languages.
  • It provides customers with the freedom to browse and customize editable design templates.
  • Customers can also upload photos or import from its 3rd party image libraries as per their requirement. 

For Store Owners:

  • It can be integrated with your existing website or any readymade store theme and can be localized in any language or currency. 
  • It is compatible with all devices and browsers.
  • It comes with a complete eCommerce-focused admin panel.
  • The store owner gets to configure and manage various features and functionalities of the store from the backend without any issues.

The Future?

Digital textile printing is the fastest-growing segment and many of them are making the transition from conventional to digital textile printing. Still, one doubts that linger in the mind all the time is whether it is truly worth the investment? Yes, the way the demand for digital fabric printing for apparel and home furnishings is growing, jumping into the digital textile printing business seems like falling into a gold mine. With the versatility, durability, and attractive attribute, digitally printed fabrics are winning hearts and hence the need for digital textile design software will remain high all the time. 


Digital textile printing will definitely change the landscape of fabric printing worldwide. Impressed and convinced with its popularity, if you are looking for the best textile design software to invest, implement, and get started then, look no more as Design’N’Buy has the best to offer always.

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