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The ‘Power of Colour’ – Presenting H&M Home Pantone

21 January 2023: Colour has the power to alter both rooms and the emotions of people inhabiting those rooms. It can elevate, improve, and highlight our interiors and interior pieces. Did you know that hues of blue are reminiscent of open spaces, the sky, and the sea, evoking a sense of freedom and calmness Or that red is historically associated with heat, passion, courage and even danger. H&M HOME PANTONE collection showcases a selection of keep-sake products, created in two distinctive colour moods depending on the customers’ aesthetics, preferences or even just their disposition in the moment of shopping.

Enabling customers to feed their homes with colour, the H&M HOME PANTONE collection explores hues that energize and bring joy, as well as calm and sooth. Each colour palette features PANTONE shades specifically chosen for their effect on our senses. The Calm & Soothing shades include pistachio (2260C), petrol (548C), green (5545C) and mid blue (2178C) bringing about a sense of stability and tranquillity. For Energy & Joy, the four colourways include pink (707C), red (3517C), orange (2027C) and apricot (2022C). Infusing vibrancy and heat, these warmer colours evoke our inner vitality, including love and joy.

The collection of modern interior objects includes cushion covers in three shades, a sculptural vase, a footed tray, a regular tray, a side table, an ornamental pedestal and scented candles totalling six different colourways, three for each palette including pink, apricot and red for Energy & Joy and pistachio, mid blue and petrol for Calm & Soothing.

“Colour is essential for both our home and our senses. No one understands this better than PANTONE, who are the foremost experts on how colour can influence how we work and live. The H&M HOME PANTONE collection allows us to highlight how much difference the power of colour makes in our day-to-day life, with a selection of modern interior objects to add to one’s home. Choose from one of the scented candles and see how the smell of red makes you feel or add a pistachio-coloured vase to your livingroom space, infusing a peaceful and beautiful addition.” says Evelina Kravaev-So¨derberg, Head of Design & Creative at H&M HOME.

H&M HOME PANTONE will be available in selected stores and online at from 26th January 2023

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