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The Word Counter Reveals Top Typography Design Trends For 2021

04 January 2021: The Word Counter is helping design enthusiasts around the world ring in the new year with an exciting round-up of the Top Typography Design Trends of 2021. The forecast dives deep into emerging trends with a detailed, colorful infographic featuring real implementations of the trends across multiple brands. The Word Counter explored evolutions in the industry that resonate most with audiences right now and identified what to expect more of in the new year.

Here are the Top 2021 design trends from The Word Counter’s team of experts:
# Svelte Serif Fonts
# Outline Fonts
# Evolved Brutalist
# Text Layering with Other Elements
# Text-Image Blending
# New Psychedelic
# Bold Modern Serif Fonts
# Cyberpunk & Vaporware

The Word Counter is a dynamic online tool used for counting words, characters, sentences, paragraphs and pages in real time, along with spelling and grammar checking. Writers can leverage the tool to improve word choice and writing style, as well as to detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism. Additionally, to assist with public speaking, the tool will accurately estimate speaking time to help with prep for class presentations, wedding speeches, or anything of the sort. With an ever-evolving suite of offerings and tools, The Word Counter can now also track your text length against common web standards like Twitter’s tweet character count (140), Google’s meta description (300), and Facebook’s average post display length (~250). The Word Counter was founded by marketing expert Kevin Miller who has a wealth of online marketing and advertising experience and understands the value of perfectly crafted texts.

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