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Toppan Cosmo Launches Joint Venture in Vietnam for 3D Visualization

02 April 2021: Toppan Cosmo, Inc. a subsidiary of Toppan Printing has partnered with Osaka-based STUDIO TEC and Ho Chi Minh-based Nu Design and Supply Co., Ltd. (NDS) to establish TOPPAN EQUATOR LLC (TOPPAN EQUATOR), a company focused on the creation of high-quality three-dimensional computer graphics (3DCG) for sales promotion and presentations by Japanese companies in the construction, interior design, and housing equipment and appliance sectors.

Technologies such as 3DCG, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are today used in numerous fields. In the construction, interior design, and housing equipment and appliance industries, they are increasingly used for a wide range of purposes from design and production to construction and sales promotion. Further growth in demand is anticipated, but these industries currently lack a sufficient number of engineers specialized in 3DCG, and quality can be inconsistent when production is outsourced.

TOPPAN EQUATOR has been established in Vietnam to address these challenges and provide high-quality 3DCG content creation. The new company will combine Toppan Cosmo’s expertise in catalog and sample book production with STUDIO TEC’s industry-leading technical and creative capabilities for 3DCG to facilitate full-scale entry into the 3D visualization business and provide high-quality, photoreal 3DCG content to a wide range of sectors. A service that offers excellent quality at competitive prices is made possible by quality control overseen by Takanobu Sugiyama of NDS, a design studio with an extensive track record in the 3DCG business in Vietnam.

The name of the new company, TOPPAN EQUATOR, reflects a commitment to expand business globally from Southeast Asia, through which the equator runs. TOPPAN EQUATOR’s vision is stated as “Creating the future and Challenge,” and it aims to provide new communication experiences through visualization solutions and contribute to a world of unrestricted connections between people, society and businesses, and the past and future. The company aspires to improve living environments and enrich both Japanese and Vietnamese society through proactive efforts to create value.

“Toppan Cosmo is very pleased to be able to fuse STUDIO TEC’s technical capabilities with NDS’s operational know-how to launch an organization in Vietnam for production of high-quality 3DCG, VR, and AR content with short lead times,” said Koichi Takenaka, TOPPAN EQUATOR’s CEO. “

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