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Toppan Receives Grand Mécénat Award for Kanosei Art Project

07 November 2022: Toppan, a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, has received the Grand Mécénat Award in the Japan Mécénat Awards 2022 for its Kanosei Art Project, which aims to support the independence of artists with disabilities by adding value to the works of art they create.

The Kanosei Art Project was launched by Toppan in 2018. “Kanosei” is a Japanese word meaning possibilities or potential. The project brings “possibilities” to a large number of people by fusing Toppan’s technologies with work by artists with disabilities. It is also one of the activities of Toppan’s Human Resource Development Laboratory,1 a hub for R&D on next-generation human asset development.

The Kanosei Art Project has been recognized for combining art with Toppan’s technologies to create a new, sustainable scheme that addresses a social issue and contributes to economic activity. It was also commended for the way in which it is linked to human asset development through employees’ participation in new business models, which drives the potential for further expansion of support in the future.

“We feel greatly honored to receive this award. This is not something that Toppan has achieved on its own. It has been made possible by the cooperation of all the organizations and people who have supported the project, and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved,” said Hideharu Maro, Toppan’s President & Representative Director. “Activities to support the arts and culture are directly linked to Toppan’s business. We have endeavored to contribute to society and address social issues as a mainstay of information and culture for 122 years since our founding. Leveraging ‘printing technologies’ to deliver diverse content and support a rich and vibrant society is the essence of our business and part of our DNA. Inheriting that DNA, Toppan will continue to make use of technology to enable fulfilling lives as a leading presence in the fields of information and culture.”

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