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TOPPAN Releases Apps for Apple Vision Pro™

09 February 2024: TOPPAN Inc., a TOPPAN Group company and wholly owned subsidiary of TOPPAN Holdings Inc. is releasing two apps for Apple Vision Pro™, the first spatial computer from Apple Inc. (Apple), which went on sale recently. TOPPAN’s Meet Japan! app provides an experience of the beauty of Japan through immersive high-quality visuals while Natural Window app delivers ultra-realistic content of environments creating calming spaces for users. Both apps will be available on the App Store.

Apple Vision Pro™ is first spatial computer developed by Apple. It is a wearable device that creates an experience whereby digital content appears to physically exist within the space that the user is in. Two ultra-high-resolution displays enable Apple Vision Pro™ users to enjoy a leading-edge immersive experience in any location.

The two new apps released by TOPPAN are extensions of its existing high-definition visual content solutions. TOPPAN launched Meet Japan! in 2013 as an ultra-high-definition, high-quality 4K visual content library comprising more than 50,000 shots showcasing the nature, culture, and other charms of Japan. Natural Window was released in 2017 as a solution delivering 4K visuals designed to have a calming effect in closed spaces in which household televisions or windows cannot be installed.

Aiming to expand high-definition visual content to 3D spaces and drive further growth of the metaverse business, TOPPAN has leveraged its accumulated information processing and computer graphic production technologies to establish development capabilities for apps for Apple Vision Pro™. The Meet Japan! and Natural Window apps are being released as launch titles.

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