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‘Training and Education are the Keys to Success’ – Jeetendra J., The Print Specialist

21 June 2023: Jeetendra J. of Chennai is ‘The Print Specialist’ Describes his Professional Journey along with the Foray into Screen Printing and Packaging Consultancy.

How did you get interested in this field as a career option ?
I started my career in the year 1996 at the age of nineteen in the field of screen printing. From a layman to a technical expert my journey can be compared to an onward graph. With every year I have improvised and adapted myself to contemporary techniques and skills. My love for colours and patterns has always given me the drive to go further and here I am after more than 27 years of hands-on experience ready to share my skills and expertise with the people who are in need of it.

All these years, I have been helping businesses with their screen printing and packaging needs. As a consultant, I have the knowledge and experience to not only help people solve their current printing and packaging problems but provide them with the training and resources to prevent any future issues. My goal is to provide professional, high-quality services and products that are tailored to meet individual needs. I strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure that they have a positive experience every time. Those looking for a screen printing and packaging consultant should look no further than The Print Specialist.

Why did you decide to start providing education/ training in screen printing ?
I observe that there is a huge potential in this industry and likewise there is a lack of technical personnel across all divisions of printing, which is why I felt the need for good experts who can teach and train young people to become professionals.

What type of training modules/programs you have developed ?
Programs for Automobile industry, Wedding card industry, Paper bag industry, Packaging industry, Graphic industry and Advanced screen printing programs are currently active. There is scope for customised support, and troubleshooting for any other industry with screen printing needs.

At The Print Specialist, I believe that training and education are the keys to success in the printing and packaging industry. I offer comprehensive training packages, tailored to specific business’ needs and I am available to help and guide clients through every step of the process.

The Print Specialist is an experienced packaging and training consultant offering guidance and expertise to clients in the packaging industry, helping them source the perfect machinery and materials to create all types of packaging from rigid boxes, to MDF boxes and gift boxes, to paper bags and more.

With ‘The Print Specialist’ you can be sure to receive top-notch guidance throughout the entire process, from preparing dielines to the end product, including fabrication processes and value addition. Those looking to get the most out of their screen printing and packaging operations should connect with us.

What is the significance of troubleshooting in screen printing ?
Troubleshooting in screen printing is essential for keeping the production running smoothly. I am a professional who is experienced in identifying and resolving a variety of issues that can arise, including misaligned screens, incorrect ink viscosity and improper curing.

I provide my clients with detailed instructions and advice on how to troubleshoot any issue they may encounter, allowing them to quickly and efficiently resolve the problem and get back to printing. I also offer technical support to help troubleshoot the issue and provide additional resources to help them get back on track. By providing my clients with the necessary resources and expertise, I can help them keep production running smoothly and efficiently.

How has your experience been when you conduct ‘screen printing’ related courses in printing colleges ? What is the feedback ?
Till now the response has been overwhelming and I am happy that I have been of some use to the industry and I noticed that the youngsters are actually very much interested in learning the right skills.

What few words of advice would you like to give to the ‘Next Generation’ Printers ?
Screen printing is very close to art and the satisfaction you get after completing each and every project is so good so my advice is to keep learning, improve your selves technically, learn all the state-of-the-art techniques in your field and keep going and no one can stop you from becoming a leader in this field.

They say screen printing will never die; what are your views on this ?
Any art or semi art as you can call screen printing will not die, it can diminish. According to me, if you are an expert, you will be making more money out of screen printing going forward than you are making now.

What is your opinion on the changing face of the printing industry globally ?
The printing industry is changing rapidly and so is every other industry. Change is something we cannot avoid so it’s better we go with the flow and just upgrade ourselves.

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