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UFlex Powering Product Innovations with Focus on Brand Positioning, Sustainability & Value Addition

13 August 2022: Maintaining its position as an industry leader while advancing its technology to constantly innovate and introduce new ingenious products & solutions, UFlex has announced an array of exciting launches along with impressive financial results in April-June 2022 quarter. The flexible packaging giant has always had a multi-pronged goal of providing top notch end-to-end value added packaging solutions while also setting high standards for sustainability in the industry and making the product grab attention.

By Flexible Packaging business

– 3D Pouch with Registered Window Metallization for Premium Brown Sugar by Triveni Engineering: After its recent success with Triveni Engineering for the packing of its premium crystal sugar, UFlex has come up with a three-layered 3D pouch with registered metallization for their premium brown sugar. The pack’s structure is made of PET / Window MET PET and NAT PE.

– Profile Spout Pouch with Re-closable Option & Easy Pour Experience for BB Royal Cold-press Cooking Oil: Conventionally, edible oil has been packed in either a regular pouch or a rigid bottle. Such packaging formats often offer limited differentiation on the shelves for buy as well as its use that sometimes could be quite cumbersome with oil spilling while pouring it. This development made by UFlex for BB Royal Organic Edible Oil is a unique offering for edible oil packaging applications in which the structure is made of PET / BON / PE with a spout for easy pour experience.

– 3D Pouch with Paper-based Barrier Laminate for Beachville Coffee Roaster: Around the world, coffee lovers have known to form an initial connect with their favourite coffee by its aroma. With the growing need for sustainability across the segments, coffee brands are turning towards more eco-friendly packaging formats like paper-based ones with attractive designs that make them stand out on the retail shelves.

By Chemicals Business

– FLEXBOND SF WET LM 35 Water-based Adhesive for Wet Lamination Application: UFlex has developed FLEXBOND SF WET LM 35, a water-based synthetic adhesive designed mainly for wet lamination of clear BOPP & PVC films to paper or duplex board applications with manual or semi-automatic machines.

– Retort grade 2K PU Adhesive FLEXCOTE HP 875/ FLEXCOTE HP 75: With growing demand for ready-to-eat food, the need for retort packaging formats is witnessing a sharp surge. Retort packaging formats allow packed foods to be warmed within the pack to be made ready for consumption. However, to strengthen the structure, adhesives play a major role in keeping retort properties intact, even when it comes in contact with boiling water.

By Packaging Films Business

– PET-based Silica Master-batch Solution for BOPET film: The packaging films business has enhanced the handling methodology of BOPET films with the development of a new PET Silica master-batch solution that controls anti-blocking properties in BOPET film development. So far, the flexible packaging business had been using 6,000 ppm to 10,000 ppm of Silica chips that comprises of 7.5% to 12.5% dosing used of silica chips for film production that facilitates easy roll handling and prevents the film from blocking hazards like rippling, wrinkles and other.

By Holography business

– Multi-coloured Holographic Textile Foil with New Pattern for Enhanced Aesthetics: The post COVID period has witnessed the emergence of a significant trend in the holographic material application field. Fashion brands are on a constant lookout for recognition by the use of new, attractive bright and shiny reflective materials that scream for attention and signify nothing less than a celebration. Radiating an extremely futuristic vibe, the foil-effect fabric has taken the fashion industry by storm.

– Fresnel Lens Self-Adhesive Holographic Labelling Solution to Prevent Counterfeiting & Enhance Aesthetics: Taking note of the pain area of brands on rising counterfeiting cases that jeopardise business interest coupled with the need for premium product positioning, UFlex has integrated Registered Fresnel Lens Technology in labelling solution to give a premium look by placing two lenses at the middle and bottom of the label.

The printing technology combines two major features; the first is the registered holographic substrate while the second involves doing a precise re-registration printing on the same substrate, making it next to impossible to replicate using a compromised set-up. This application is used across several industry verticals such as FMCG, Automobile, Lubricants, Apparel, Liquor, Agro Chemicals, Personal Care and Electronics.

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