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Ulano icon Donald Marsden is No more

01 September 2020: Donald A. Marsden (Born: August 28, 1942), who was Director, International Commercial Services at Ulano Corporation and Board member of ASDPT, expired on 20th August 2020 at the age of 78. In 1980 Marsden was inducted into the then Academy of Screen Printing Technology of SGIA (now called ASDPT).

Donald was Director of International Commercial Services and a member of Ulano’s Executive Committee. He joined Ulano in 1972 and received technical training in screenprinting at Ulano laboratories in New York and Zürich. He was involved in technical writing, training, and service; package design; product development and management; advertising and promotional writing; sales and marketing; forecasting, market analysis, and strategic planning. Donald visited screen printers and conducted seminars across the globe. In 1990 was invited to address one of China’s first international symposiums on screenprinting technology.

Expressing grief over Marsden’s demise, Anil Brahmbhatt, Managing Director, SkyScreen International Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, said: “We lost a jewel of knowledge and an industry veteran. In the history of SkyScreen Donald Marsden has a Special Place. Some 15 years ago, I got connected to Ulano and he recommended me to promote Ulano products in India. From the beginning itself, he supported and encouraged us. Today, I am happy that with his good wishes Ulano is a successful brand in India. And I feel the legacy left behind him will continue at Ulano. We would miss him forever. Nevertheless, I pray, the departed soul rest in peace.”

Devang Sheth, Publisher of Screen Print India/Aditya Publication, says “I am quite saddened to hear the news of the death of Donald. He has been my well-wisher and industry friend for the last 20 years. I still remember, in 2002 I was fortunate to receive the cherished SGIA’s Award for ‘Outstanding Service in Screen Printing’ from Donald during SGIA Expo in USA. We have been connected for nearly a decade and I would personally miss a great veteran and friend in our industry. May the departed soul rest in peace.”

Marsden served on the Educational and Vocational Development Committee of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), as a director of the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators (SGCD), and as an instructor at Screen Printing Technical Foundation (SPTF) workshops. In 1992, he was presented with the Sundeen Award of the International Graphic Arts Education Association (IGAEA) in recognition of “highly significant contributions to graphic arts education of an extended period.”

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