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UPM Raflatac extends its CarbonNeutral product portfolio

17 May 2022: UPM Raflatac has extended its CarbonNeutral product portfolio by obtaining the CarbonNeutral product certification for the whole Linerless product range. The certification was issued by Natural Capital Partners in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol.

According to the company, its direct thermal (DT) linerless labeling products help customers to reduce their packaging footprint and is in high demand in the packaging value chain. Sustainability and efficiency benefits of using linerless are significant as linerless brings up to a 40 percent reduction in material usage compared to traditional labelling technologies.

UPM Raflatac offers high-quality paper and film label stock for branding and promotion, informational labels, and labels with functionality. It has a global network of factories, distribution terminals and sales offices with a revenue of EUR 1.7 billion (USD 1.9 billion) in 2021.

In a statement, Robert Taylor, Sustainability Director at UPM Raflatac, said: “Our ambition in UPM Raflatac is to go beyond fossils. In practise this means that we are constantly innovating new ways to reduce the carbon emissions of our products. This is a must to meet our climate commitments but also, for our business as the market demand for sustainable labeling solutions is high and growing all the time.”

The Linerless products’ cradle-to-customer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are compensated in full through global projects that are verified to internationally recognized standards, such as the Gold Standard. This means that UPM Raflatac has already taken care of compensating the emissions that are today still unavoidable on behalf their customers. Customers can make deduction of emissions relating to UPM Raflatac linerless products in their life cycle assessment (LCA) calculations.

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