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Vastex introduces ‘Screen Printing Pre-Press System’

24 October 2020: Vastex has introduced a prepress system for screen printing shops comprised of performance-matched components that significantly reduce prepress time and increase registration accuracy.

The package includes a Washout Booth to clean, inspect and develop screens; a Semi-Automatic Screen Coater to precisely apply emulsion; a Drying Cabinet to cure the emulsion; an LED exposing unit to expose the emulsion; and a Pin Registration System to preregister screens as well as accurately register screens onto the press.

The stainless steel Washout Booth, model VWB-3627, comes with a frosted acrylic back panel and backlight to aid in visual inspection of the screen and frame during cleaning, inspection and final development.

Foot-pedal operation of the wall-mounted C-1000 Semi-Automatic Screen Coater lowers the screen at a constant rate, allowing application of the emulsion with greater uniformity than possible using manual methods.

Variable heat and filtered airflow of the Dri-Vault Model VDC-253610 Screen Drying Cabinet cure coated screens in as little as 20 minutes.

The E2-5236 LED Exposing Unit, with 0.37 kW vacuum generator, exposes one 130 x 90 cm screen or two 60 x 90 cm screens in as little as 20 seconds, and achieves tight screen-to-glass contact in as little as 6 seconds for sharp reproduction of fine detail.

The VRS Pin Registration System allows an operator to align film positives on all screens in register prior to exposing them and to clamp each screen to the press in register in approximately three minutes per screen, greatly increasing press time, output and profit.

Prepress package components are also offered separately by the company, along with other screen printing and DTG printing equipment including Infrared Conveyor Dryers, manual and automatic Screen Printing Presses, Flash Cure Units and complete Screen Printing Shop Packages geared for beginners up to high-volume commercial printers.

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