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Vitiprints prints pills, beverages and water-based products – Team led by CTO Terry Kaiserman has patents

14 December 2020: Heard about printed pills, beverages, and water-based products ? A team led by Terry Kaiserman, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Vitiprints, LLC and Ideators, LLC, are known for making pills, beverages, and liquids flat for which Terry Kaiserman possesses patents. The company’s slogan is: “We Love Flat.” They are printing products like a one-inch square of soap that feels like paper when dried, and it dissolves very quickly with water when you want to wash your hands. Ramping up to print millions of doses takes no time compared to filling capsules.

As an official member of the COVID-19 NYC Supply Response Team in the USA, Vitiprints has been deemed an “essential business” in the fight against COVID-19. With the unprecedented speed, scale and need to help curtail the spread of COVID-19, Vitiprints developed the first fully printed antiviral hand wash dissolvable disc, utilizing Vitiprints’ proprietary technology and other related antiviral products. Vitiprints’ printed antiviral hand wash dissolvable disc will provide users with the ingredients needed to remove COVID-19, simply and safely.

Vitiprints LLC licenses its patented oral strip and dissolvable disk technology to companies that want to deliver their liquids or powdered active ingredients to their patients and/or customers as an alternative delivery form to pills and capsules. Vitiprints is a customizable print technology platform that enables 3D based pills, beverages and water-based products to be reduced to a precision printed 2D multi-layered form factor. Patented technology of Vitiprints can be utilized to create 2D printed edible and non-edible products ranging from sublingual, drink discs and sheets in a wholly new category of fully functional, environmentally enhanced cost-effective products eliminating any need for plastic packaging or components.

Their printed products eliminate plastic with 18-24 months of shelf life. These products are delivered in recycled packaging. Vitiprints aims to finding better solutions to reduce our reliance on plastic, with a mission “Zero waste. Sustainability. No plastic” and commitment to quality + sustainability. The company believes that innovation is about stripping away the non-essentials and getting to what matters.

Beyond Vitiprints’ focused efforts on antiviral products, the company is in the process of setting up key partnerships across a variety of industries ranging from fully printed discs for vitamins and supplements, pharma, milk, cleaning and personal care products. Their video on YouTube shows a one-second glimpse of the actual printing process at the 1:00 point.
to be used to deliver flavors, colors and supplements.

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