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“We Resolve Technical Queries and Help Our Clients in Growing their Business”

01 June 2024: Devarshi Patel, 44-year-old CEO of Super Power Screen Inks, Ahmedabad Shares the Origin Story of the Company along with its Notable Growth.

Super Screen Inks was started by R. D. Pandya 40 years ago. He is one of the leading personalities, a veteran of the screen printing industry in Gujarat region, often referred to as its founding father also. He handed over the company to me in 2015 and I started the new company in the name of ‘Super Power Screen Inks.’ R. D. Pandya also helps me in all possible way like technical issues and new developments taking place in the industry.

Screen printing is a reliable technique for printing images and texts on your products made with different materials. Consider using this technique as it is flexible and straightforward.

Over the years, the screen printing industry has undergone a lot of changes. During the initial days it was manual and mostly covering aspects related to commercial screen printing. However, as the industry evolved and the techniques further developed, screen printing started being used for printing on many other substances, including decals, clock and watch faces, balloons, and many other products. Advanced uses include laying down conductors and resistors in multi-layer circuits using thin ceramic layers as the substrate.

USP of Super Power Screen Inks
Whenever I get some technical inquiries from clients or printers, I try to understand them and solve the same with best possible options or guidance being provided in order to facilitate my clients. We are not only product sellers or dealers but are also comprehensive solution providers, giving full printing solutions to our clients.

I had a passion for photography in my young age and I have done few courses in photography also, which has helped me today to understand screen printing in a much better way and I also help my printer clients by providing them with right technical guidance and support.

In order to stay updated and keep abreast with latest developments and advancements in the screen printing industry, I visit the leading printing exhibitions all over India and keep myself aware, with the posts on social media platforms.

We are authorised distributors of Colors Inks, Photokina Chemicals and Sudharshan Printline for screen printing machines. At Super Power Screen Inks, we have 150+ leading commercial and industrial screen printers as our clients covering commercial / stationery, graphic overlays, PCB, plastics, PP/LD and other industrial printing applications.

Looking forward, I want to improve our customer relation and also learn new techniques in industrial screen printing while simultaneously helping our clients in growing their business. Over the past 9-10 years since I took over the company, we can proudly say that we have increased our sales by 50% and doubled our client base all over Gujarat as well.

Industrial Screen Printing has ‘Bright Future’ in India …

With today’s technology, it’s possible to print on almost anything! You can now print on miniature circuits on ceramics, it is also used in touch panels, even on lithium batteries and OLED screens. \The screen printing industry / applications are expanding and in coming years, more and more industrial applications are being added. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of 2047has further increased the scope and we all have to look at the new opportunities being created in the future as we proceed towards the goals set as per his growth agenda.

The electronics industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with more sophisticated devices being developed and adopted widely. Almost all electronic devices today, from smartphones to appliances to vehicles, require intricate circuit boards and components that allow for their complex functions. Screen printing plays a vital role in manufacturing these electronic components and circuit boards. It allows for the precise deposition of conductive metals like silver and copper traces that form the connections between chips and other elements. The miniaturisation of electronics has also increased the demand for higher-resolution industrial screen printing capabilities.

The 21st century has produced another change. Many applications of industrial screen printing are still in their infancy like printed electronics or printed batteries. This will lead to major changes and new developments for this printing method in coming time. (+91 94270 72490)

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